Tutu du Monde

Day 2 of KCWC! So today I decided I would start with my "easy" project... it didn't turn out quite as expected!!! When I decided to participate in this challenge, I started to think of all the things I could make, then I figured it would be a good idea to check what the children needed before I even started. It hasn't been that warm yet, here in Montreal, so I wasn't quite sure what my kids had... Well let me tell you, they don't need a thing! With all the hand-me-downs from my family, the kids are set! So what should I make? What little girl doesn't love a tutu? You can never have too many of those! So I did a little searching and this was my inspiration:

Tutus I love:
1. American Apparel 2. Atsuyo et Akiko 3. Tutu du Monde 4. On va voir si... 5. LM
How to wear them:
1. Kid'sWear 2. Adorable Life 3. Den Gode Feen 4. Sandrine Castellan Big pic: Kickan & Conkers
And here's what I came up with... It took me much longer than expected and I made way, way, way to big! I might modify it or leave it as is, and use it as decoration for Miss E's room... until she grows into it!
So I'm a little disappointed and I have better hope for tomorrow... My picture didn't come out great either! I might take new ones tomorrow...