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So todays post was going to be about mother's day gifts... but, I just couldn't find anything I really wanted to share with you! So then I tried to find some already made lists on other blogs, I figured someone had had to have some good ideas... and I found a few gift guides, but nothing to brag about! Who wants soap and perfume... Not me! Some jewelry and designer handbag... Ok maybe me, but who spends 500$ and more on Mothers day? I read somewhere today that the average spent on a mother's day gift is around 140$... I find that to be a little high, but what do I know! And anyhow, I'm a little late with the whole gift idea! So, I was left with nothing. Then I tried to come up with something else to talk about... still nothing! So I decided to a break and check out my top sites, and one of my favorite blogs had posted something new... and how perfect!!!! This is an awesome gift idea... and it's free, and it's cute, and takes only a few minutes! I won't say any more... go check it out @ Diaper Style Memoirs.
By the way if enjoy my blog, then I think you will love this one!

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