I love dolls... I have always loved dolls and I am so glad to see that my little Miss E loves them almost as much as I do! There are so many kinds of dolls, so today I will share with you some of my favorite...

Jess Brown... These handmade rag dolls are just gorgeous! I especially love all the details that go into the clothing. She has done many collaborations with children wear designers, and so your kids can have a doll that matches their favorite designers outfits. They are 22 inches tall and you can choose wether you want the tea dyed muslin or the brown linen doll. You have many cute accessories to choose from as well. They start at 180$ US.

Wovenplay collaboration

Loup Charmant Collaboration
Erica Tov Collaboration

Atsuko et Akiko Collaboration

Nils & Happy to See You... these dolls are one of my new obsession, I love their expression! They are custom made, you can choose between 2 different sizes, skin color, hair color and outfit. You can also get the matching outfit for your kid, or get a pattern and make your own dolls clothes... Now if only I had 150 euros to spare! The website to order the dolls is at Happy to See You.

My Name is Simone... these dolls are created by Caroline Castagna-Suarez, and are perfect for the whole family! Bonus, they are made from 100% organic coton. Which is your favorite, the wrestler, the super hero, the nerd, the hipster? And the list goes on... My favorite are the"victime de la mode" series (see pictures below). You can buy them online at Smallable. You can expect to pay around 50$.

If you are looking for something more commercial, my favorites have to be the Corolle collection. These are from france and they have a variety of different kinds, from babies to plush. My favorite are the fashion dolls "Les Chéries". Miss E has 2 and loves them. Even Mister M likes them... he really enjoys undressing them!!!! You can buy some cute additional clothing separately. They cost approximately 45$.