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O.k. so I have a wedding coming up, and all the dresses I have, I have already worn and been seen in! I am guessing that this will be a pretty fancy wedding and my taste and my budget just don't match. So you might ask, what is your budget? It's pretty much nil! Then you might ask, why don't you make your own dress? Well, I never make anything for myself. Why? I'm never happy with what I make... But I have to say, daddy cool, got me an amazing japanese book called DRAPE DRAPE (you can find it on Ebay), and I'm really tempted to try and make something!
image via Machine and Dream
What do you wear at a wedding? Long, short, sparkly, basic, colorful, black, dress, pants... Well I created an inspiration board, my keywords are: sequins, gold, maxi, lace and drape... but I'll probably end up with something black!!!!
Any suggestions? Please help!!!! I think I might try to find or make something like this...
photo via my PINTEREST