Sonial Rykiel
With Mother's day around the corner, I figured a week of MOMMY LOVE was just the right thing to do! Have you ever thought of dressing your daughter just like you? I am not a big fan of mother daughter outfits, but I have to say that once a year, on mother's day, it's just the cutest thing ever!!! I do wish I had half the wardrobe Miss E has, and if I ever had the same identical item of clothing as her, we would only wear it at the same time on Mother's Day!!!! But, what if the matching outfits were like the ones below... maybe then, I would make an exception!
Telle Mère (like mom) outfits on the left, Telle Fille (like daughter) outfits on the right.
Antik Batik
Isabel Marant and Isabel Marant Kids @ Smallable
Sonia Rykiel
Liza Korn
Tory Burch

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