Do you wish you could "edit" your kids sometimes?
So today's post is supposed to be yesterdays post, however since blogger was out of order for over 18 hours, things got all mixed up!!! So this post is for Day 5 of KCWC, and I had some more fun and made Mister M an upcycled tee. Fashion for boys is always a little trickier than for girls, and when it comes to upcycling, in my opinion, it's even harder! But, you can't really go wrong with a t-shirt!

Here are some graphic tee's I'm loving these days:
Mini and Maximus

1. JCrew 2. Rock River Tees @ Etsy 3. Mon Trésor by Zozoï @ Smallable
4. Milk On the Rocks5. Imps & Elfs 6. Zorro @ Smallable
Mini Rodini
The Green Apple
 Here's what I came up with... BEFORE & AFTER: 

I've had this t-shirt for a while, I always found it kinda cool, but it was an XL... and now it's a size 4T!

Mister M taking a ride:
The tee is  a little big, but at the rate he's growing, it will fit all summer!
By the way if you are interested in seeing what others are sewing up... go check out the Elsie Marley group on Flickr!