I have to say I have never been a Crocs fan, and the only reason my kids wear them, is because they were hand-me-downs and the daycare strongly suggest kids have a pair for when they go swimming... Ok, ok, so I admit, that they are quite practical and for some reason my  kids love them and not only because of their level of comfort, because even before they had tried them on, they were really attracted to them. As much as tried to hide them, or try to persuade them to try something else, those were the ones they wanted... must be the bubbly shape and the wholes! And still, I would never go out and buy a pair!!! Between Crocs and Huggs, I am not sure which I dislike most!
Well I am happy that a new options is out there now, with Native shoes! I would definitely buy a pair for Miss E and Mister M. (they have them at Jack & Jill, a block away from my home!) I find the design much more appealing, and they have 3 different looks to choose from...



Now over the years Crocs have come up with some new designs.... here are two styles I might be tempted to buy!!!! 

By the way, did you know both companies are Canadian... BONUS!!!!
 Native shoes, find them at Jack & Jill, 5330 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, QC H3X1T7514)488-5841
Crocs: 384 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3G 1P8, (514) 750-9796