So If you read my post yesterday, you probably realized that the prices for handmade dolls can get pretty expensive, it's no wonder since a lot of time goes into making these dolls and let's not forget the creativity... that has a price too! So do you have some sewing skill? Lot's of time? And more importantly, patience? 

One of my favorite DIY books is called

Poupées, chiffons & cie by Sonia Lucano


I picked this up a little while ago at Walmart and you can find it pretty much on any web bookstore like


! It's in French, but if you have a little knowledge in sewing, then who cares if you can't read the instructions... The images are wonderful and inspiring, and the patterns are easy to follow visually.

 There are lot's of different really cool projects to make...

So I haven't made anything from the book yet, but I have used the doll patterns to inspire and make my own version...

The evolution... I first started with some brown stretch fabric, but the filling comes through (not great!), then I used some old linen pants of mine and made the 2nd doll, then refined the pattern a little and made the third one on the right. I still prefer the 2nd one, she has more character!

The face is hand embroidered and I colored the cheeks with a pink crayon.

The hair is made from felt and is removable... These two dolls are the same, the top one has a brown wig and this one   has blonde hair!

So it's still a work in progress, there are a few minor details I need to work out... If and whenever I make more, I'll be sure to pst some pictures!

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