So what kinda of Mom are you? What are you expecting to find on SUNDAY morning? Are you the kind of mom who only wants breakfast in bed, or are you expecting some diamond earrings? What mom doesn't love their kids art? I know my walls are plastered with Miss E's and Mister M's art... So here are a few tutorials or cute ideas any kid can do and easy enough for Daddy Cool to follow!

I found this idea really cute on a really great blog:


There isn't a tutorial for this one but it's pretty simple... Create a cover, lot's of pages, and put it all together with some string or staples. Who doesn't love a great story?

 If you are looking for some great Ideas, just go to


, she has put an amazing amount of tutorials for mother's day, from breakfast ideas to gifts to make... the list goes on and on! Here's  one anyone can make... I think I might try this one... don't tell my mom!

This one's from


too... in the

kid section

this time! The possibilities are endless with this cute idea, you can put your children's drawings, some photos or stickers (Mister M just loves his stickers!), cute messages... just about anything and then put it in a box!

In the same kind of idea, look how cute this booklet is... You can even use it as a keychain, and carry it around with you everywhere!!! I found this on another super creative blog:


. They have plenty of great ideas, and things to make with paper...

And who doesn't love flowers... Here is a tutorial from one of the best DIY website ever!!!!


... there are plenty of great ideas on this blog!

What mom doesn't love jewelry... forget about those diamonds!!! Here is a really cute idea and supper easy... paper beads! Make a necklace or bracelet! Oh, I think I might have to try this too... thank you


!  You can find more ideas on this blog too, like a sunburst picture frame.

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