Print from Etsy seller Kiki Comin
Some clouds and rain drops that will brighten up any day!The only kind I like...
From left to right:
1. Cloud mobile by Le Ptit Papillon (Montreal designer!!!) on Etsy, Drop money bank by Rita Botelho, Cloud long sleeve t-shirt by Bobo Choses at Kido Store
2. Cloud "seats" by Little Red Stuga at Little Fashion Gallery, Cloud camera by Lomography at Fred Flare, Grey cloud pillow by Donna Wilson at Smallable
3. Cloud necklace or bracelet by Hop Hop Hop at Smallable, Rain tee by Little Paul & Joe at Smallable , Cloud and mountain shelf and storage by Richard Shed & Noel Bramley

And how cute is this tee by Munsterkids...
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P.S. It's May 1st, and finally the sun is shinning here in Montreal! Bring on the flowers...