I could not finish this week without talking about 2 of my favorite kids designers, and they happen to be eco-friendly too!
Oeuf be good... All their products are environmentally friendly, from the cribs to the mattresses, the clothing and the accessories. The furniture is not only eco-friendly but multifunctional, the design is simple but stylish with a contemporary feel. The clothing is all made from alpaca wool, so soft and hypoallergenic. The styles are so cute, with angel wings and hearts.  My favorite is what they call their goodies, accessories great for playing dress up or even to wear out. 

Lucky Boy Sunday... Your kid's will love it and so will you! These knitted treasures are to cute! They are also made with alpaca wool, the dyes used are eco-friendly and the production is all handmade in ethical manners in Bolivia. Their is so much humor in all of the designs with a touch of retro and sooo much creativity!!!