So I talked about Organic Clothing on Monday, I talked about Upcycling on Tuesday, and BOGO on Wednesday... and TODAY I talk about my love for VINTAGE clothing! What can I say, I am a nostalgic! Oh! How I wish I was born in the early 1900's... So I could have worn some flapper dresses and cloche hats. Wait a minute, I do! I can't tell you the pleasure I get when go I go shopping at my local thrift store and find some cute clothing for the kids reminiscent from the past... You can't even imagine how many hours I can spend on Ebay and Etsy, looking for that perfect little vintage dress for Miss E... Do you love vintage clothes but don't have the patience to look through racks and racks of clothing, or pages and pages on websites? Or perhaps you don't like the idea of your kids dressed in someone else's clothing! Well, today is your lucky day... Here are two great websites, where they have gathered and researched the best quality and most beautiful vintage clothes for your little ones. Bonus: they ship Internationally!

BELLE HEIR: Their focus is on newborns to five year olds, boy and girls. Their emphasis is on linens, cottons and silks. They are on the look out for quality items with exquisite details such as pin-tucks, embroideries, hand-stitched details and smocking...
PETITS HABITS: NEW vintage clothing... you heard right! These little numbers have never been worn! It's all dead-stock from Italy, the finest kids clothing straight from the 50's to 70's. A gold mine!!! You can find, barrettes, swimsuits, pajamas, dress-up clothes, shoes, hats....You name it, they got it!
If your looking for a bargain, Ebay and Etsy are still two amazing websites to browse through. Also, garage sales, thrift stores, church sales, flea markets and antique stores are always worth checking out. Here are a few tip's I like to follow: buy bigger than the size you need, kids were smaller back then and so was their clothing. Check for stains and holes! Wash in cold water and in the ultra gentle cycle or wash by hand. Mix and match old with new, wear dresses as tunics, skirt as dresses,  basically just have fun!!!! Also, when on Ebay, look for European sellers, they have some beautiful antique clothing.