Pru by Sophia bird
I have to say that I really love the color yellow, and it wasn't until today I realized how much I loved it! There is a little bit of yellow here and there everywhere in my apartment. My kitchen is yellow and orange. My living and dining room has touches of yellow, two different vintage chairs, one for the kids and one for us, some yellow Moroccan potteries, a yellowish painting... Mister M and Miss E, more yellow... and I even found some yellow in our bedroom, a sunflower frame with a picture of me and my sister when where much younger (I have had that frame for the longest time...). My point? Put a little sunshine in your rooms too, add some touches here and there, it doesn't have to much. You'll see, it will make you feel good! By the way, the yellow vintage items always rock!!! 
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Pru by Sophia bird
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