Go BOGO... and, I am not talking about Target's buy one pair of shoes get the other half off promotion... I am talking about companies that offer the "one for one" model... Buy One Give One! Basically, it's a new way of charitable giving, a customer buys a product and someone less fortunate receives the same product for free. These companies do exactly this... these aren't all children's products, but I thought they were worth mentioning, don't you think?
TOMS Shoes... With every pair of shoes you buy, Toms will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. I need to get a pair for the whole family... Seriously! Kid's shoes are between 30$ and 40$, and the styles are great.
WHITTEN GREY... For every dress bought, Whitten Grey gives a dress away. From 88$ to 140$... and it's made from Organic Cotton!
ROMA Boots... For every boot sold, they will give a pair to a child in need. 38$ for Kids and 78$ For Grown Ups... Pretty Cool!!!
FIGS Ties... What a great Fathers day gift idea!!!! For every tie sold an underprivileged child gets a school uniform.
ONE WORLD FUTBOL PROJECT... For every ball you buy, they will give a second ball to a community in need... 40$... What Kid doesn't love a ball, and if you don't need a ball you can just donate one for 20$.
BOGOLIGHT.... Buy a flashlight and they will donate one of their Affiliated organizations in need. If you want , you can choose where you want to give your flash light e.i. literary or schools, healthcare or environment... For the mini Bogo it's 39$ or for the SN-2 it's 59$.

B1G1... If you have a company, B1G1 can help your business make a difference!