Every magazine page I turn, there is a cute feather headdress, so I decided Miss E should be trendy too...Todays tutorial is as easy as 1.2.3. The easiest Indian Headdress ever, for your little urban indian! I also have included some other fun tutorials following this one...

What you'll need:

-Some Feathers ( you can find these at Dollorama or any Craft stores.)

-Satin Ribbon

-Lace Ribbon ( they sell these in packs, for seam binding, at any fabric store)

-Fabric Glue ( I used Liquid Stitch, you can also find this kind of glue at your craft store, or fabric store)

-Measuring tape


-Sewing needle

-Sewing Thread


STEP 1: Take the circumference of your child's head with the measuring tape. You will then remove about 4cm (or 1 1/2") to your measurement, and cut your satin ribbon at that length. For example, Miss E's head is 48 cm wide, and I cut the satin ribbon at 44 cm.

 STEP 2: This time, take your original measurement and double it (i.e. 48x2=96 cm)... Cut your Lace ribbon at that length. For a prettier finish, cut the ends of your lace on diagonal.

STEP 3: Determine where the center of your satin ribbon is as well as of the lace ribbon. You can put a pin, or mark it slightly with a pencil. You must also determine where your feathers will go. I put mine at 1/4 of a distance from the end of the satin ribbon, (44 div 2= 22 cm) from on the right hand side. This way, Miss E can wear her feathers towards the back or front.

STEP 4: Apply you fabric glue to your satin ribbon, add a little more at the extremities and at the area where your feathers go.

If you do not want to use glue, you can skip this step, and sew everything together instead...

STEP 5: Put your 1st feather on top of the glue. This should be your bigger feather. Now add a little more fabric glue on top of your 1st feather and put the 2nd feather on top of that. And add a little more glue to that 2nd feather.

Do not worry, the glue will dry transparent!

STEP 6: Lay your lace ribbon over your satin ribbon, use those center marks from step 3 to guide you. Press down firmly. Let dry...

STEP 7: This is a safety measure, and it adds a cute little detail as well. Sew a small button on top of where your feathers are, to secure the feathers in place...

STEP 8: Voilà! Put it arround your little ones head by tying a knot...

Miss E has been wearing hers all morning... ENJOY!!!

If you make this, send us some pics!!!

 Here are a few more tutorials I found on the web, I thought you might enjoy...