Have you heard of KLT:WORKS and TAMAR MOGENDORFF? Well if you paid really good attention on Monday's and Tuesday's post, then you probably saw some of their products... Want to know more?
So today our little birdies will migrate towards the Ouest to Seattle and then South to Brooklyn!

This duo Wife & Husband, Kristin & Chris, have a really cute little company out of Seattle. They have a great selection of Mobiles, Plushes, Tees, Pillows and much much more. All their products are carefully handmade and in limited quantities. The use of color and their fabric choice have a modern and fun appeal. And, they have a great selection of bird products... here are a few of my favorites.

Now we migrate towards the south... not to far, all the way to New York...

What can I say? I admire this woman's talent sooooo much!!!! Every piece of fabric she touches becomes magic! Really, what's in the water in Brooklyn? Is their any way we can bottle it? I would pay big bucks to get some Brooklyn magic... Seriously, Tamar Mogendorff has fairy fingers and her creations are breathtaking and stunning. Her world doesn't only capture the beauty of birds and their habitats but the world that surrounds her as well: bears, avocados, fishes, unicorns and much much more... She is such an inspiration! Here are a few pictures I love, and go check out her website & blog.