A new feature: In My Room... all kinds of things you might find in a kids room!

Perhaps you've seen these images already, as they have been circulating a lot on the web these days. I just couldn't resist... How well does this room fit my theme of the week? Mister M would go crazy in this room... I would never have to take him out anymore!!!
This room was designed by Khul Design Build.
Go check out their website for more photos, and a full tour... http://www.kuhldesignbuild.com/portfolio/other.php

This is one of the entrances, from the second floor! 

If this is a little too crazy for you, here are some nautical items you can decorate your kids room with:
The ARK: sailboat mobile


CORAL & TUSK: Ship in a Bottle & Tug Boat Pillows

DESIGN PUBLIC: Oilo double cylinder overhead Lamp.

PAPA STOUR: Ship's Crew Russian Dolls by Allistair

PALIMPSESTIC on ETSY: vintage paper bunting flags from 1940's maps.