So I have 1 hour and half to do my Girly girl MONDAY posting! LOL! It was a busy day and just when I sat down to get started on the post, there was a power failure... So sorry! But better late than never!
There is a new feature this week, it's what I call the theme of the week. So from now on, I will be choosing a theme (I am open to suggestions!) and during the whole week I will blog on that same theme. Since this was the first week I was going to showcase my new feature, I was going to do a theme that kinda had to do with my blog title "petit à petit", but with all that has happened in Japan, I felt a little silly talking about fashion and design, and showing you how cute I think my kids are! So, I changed my theme to "I heart Japan". I feel like sharing with you this week some of  amazing things the japanese have done in the world of kids fashion and design. And, if you know me just a little... you probably know I would have eventually done this theme anyways! I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and very much inspired by it in everything I do.
So today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite japanese children designer and showcase some of their wonderful designs, just for girls!

MUCHACHA... it doesn't get any crazier than this kids and I love it!!!!

The print, the details, the accessories, it's all amazing! How I wish Miss E could wear some of these pieces!

HAKKA KIDS... a little tamer, still very colorful and such great choice of fabrics. This is one of the labels that got me into kid'swear!

WAFFLISH WAFFLE... has a very hands made feel & crafty look! The pieces look so unique and the styles are so recognizable as being japanese! LUV!

A Cän B... is a little more "zen"! Still the use of prints and layering is predominant, as in most japanese labels! Their shoes are the most gorgeous kids shoes I have ever seen.
Last but not least... Shiho Shi... I discovered this label as I was doing research for this weeks post. I am so in Ahh! So simple, so sophisticated, so grown up! Gorgeous!

So I am not sure if we can get any of this in Montreal or even in Canada for that matter, but at least we can get inspired and try to emulate the vibe! Here are a few more Japanese looks, just so you can admire their power of styling and how they now how to put things together and LAYER, layer, layer...