I have a few projects I would like to share with you today... Some are free, some are easy, some are cute... All are fun!!! 



These are just a few of the birds you can make yourself... all you need is a computer, a printer, some paper and glue. Go to this website


, download the bird you prefer, print, cut, glue and play... Voilà!!!! Oh! and it's free! I am trying one of these tomorrow... I'll show you the result, promise!

An other similar project is by

Mibo from Etsy


 For $3.25 US, you can download the pattern to these lovely little Owls, and then you get to create them. All you need is some scissors, a ruler, some glue, paper and a printer. If you aren't a fan of owls, they have a great selection of other cute forest animals.

So those were the easy projects... Now for the next ones you will need a little more patience...



I don't know about you, but every time I hear

Martha Stewart

's name, I cringe! Maybe, I've been called that too many times (although I don't cook!!!!), and for some reason I associate her name with cheesy. But I am so wrong!!! I need to get it out of my head... 

Martha Stewart

 and her team and guests make some REALLY great DIY projects, with amazing step by step guides and video tutorials. So my next DIY project is these awesome bird masks. I will be making two of these shortly for a school project I am working on...



And if you need some WINGS,  I propose you go onto this blog: 


and follow her instruction to make these really cute wings. The blog is in spanish, but there are some English explanations as well. I think Mister M and Miss E would love these, and they are pretty simple to make, you don't need much sewing experience!

Last but not least: The


costume ever... 

Check it out on


. This too doesn't require much sewing experience nor too much time... the step by step instructions are easy and simple to follow. I think this could make a really great dress as well! 

I think I might make Mister M the wings with a eagle bird mask and Miss E this cute owl costume!