Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat certain foods? I know I do! But how could any kid resist eating Hello Kitty, a little panda or a bunny... The japanese spend a lot of time preparing their children's lunches, they believe in taking the time so that their kids eat better and healthier! I'm not sure how much time you have to prepare lunches, but if you knew your kid would eat some seaweed and veggies, isn't it worth it! You can get some help to make all these cute characters with molds and nori cutters... you can find them on


! Here are some pics of molds and cutters I found! Click on the photo for more details.

I also came across a great site, called 


. Here you will find plenty of tutorials and how to's, lot's of ideas and inspiration for making your own bentos... One idea I thought was particulary cute, especially for all the busy parents out there, is to use stickers to wrap up your food... it makes really cute characters and so simple. This is a DIY anyone can do!

Also, if you are interested in japanese cuisine, there is a sister site called


, with plenty of yummy recipes.

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