Obsessive personality! Addictive personality! I didn't think I had any of these until I started blogging! If you have a blog, then you might relate to this... but you become obsessed with your stats: how many page views, new visitors, where they are from etc... And during those 2 weeks where I was stuck behind my sewing machine and not blogging, I had a LOT of time to think and I thought a lot about my blog! I was having severe withdrawal  symptoms... All I was thinking about was my next post, and then I had strange thoughts like: what would happen if I got a job and they wouldn't let me blog anymore or what if no one reads my posts... I also read a bunch of other blogs and really great ones, and so I started thinking how will mine be as good and fresh as those! I almost started having nightmares! So I decided: enough is enough, I will not stress with this anymore, I will start having fun and making this blog more about me, my family and my obsession (here's that word again!!!) with children's design.
So, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been working a lot on the look of my blog and on some details. Also, as of next week all my posts will follow the "theme of the week". So I would love to get some feedback, let me know what you like or share some suggestions... and don't forget to participate in the Giveaway (even if you don't have kids, most of the accessories are one size fits all! or re-gifting them is allowed!).
Ok, so I don't think I need to see a shrink anymore!!!! I promise this is the most I'll ever write!

And for todays post I will share with you some of my favorite blogs... You'll be able to find them on my Blog Luv page at any time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! They aren't all about kids stuff!

Bobana Sometimes inspiring, sometimes funny and sometimes beautiful but always images, illustrations, videos, photography...
Coos and Ahhs Anything from Brooklyn is automatically cool in my books, including this blog!
Diaper Style Memoirs Follow Sasha's story and her Mom's great sense of style...  
Hip Hip Hooray For all your Birthday Party inspiration.
Kenziepoo My favorite feature is how she turns a room into an outfit!
Kickers and Conkers Great kid's stuff, amazing thrifting and lot's of artsy stuff.
Modern Kiddo For all things vintage!
Ohdeedoh The best in children's home design...
Paul et Paula Simply cool kid's design & lifestyle...
Planet Awsome Kid Great Street Styling Kids! and more...
Smaller Really cool blog for kid's fashion and lot's of inspiration, amazing illustrations too. They also have an online magazine (check it out on my magazine page!).
Smudgetikka One of my favorites when it comes to children's fashion.
The Baby Blackbird A fellow Canadian... my favorite posts are "Mini Celebrity"... you must check it out (every friday!).
The Satorialist The ultimate Street Style blog and Fashion Show up to the minute updates.

So keep checking my Blog Luv page... I'll constantly be adding my new favorites!