So I haven't been able to get the whole sweatpant thing out of my head! As I was doing the research for my boys will be boys tuesday post, what I didn't tell you is how this whole trend started. Really the trend started when Isabel Marant, up and coming french designer of the hip and cool, put a pair in her spring collection of 2010. And then every body followed... Have you heard of Garance Doré, she's a Parisan blogger and now trend setter. She first blogged about the Marant pants and then she went and did something "crazy"... she got herself a pair of sweatpants and cut them of at the knees matched it with a pair of heels, a striped shirt and a blazer. Now everybody has copied the look. Now what I am trying to say is, if you want to be the coolest and trendiest mom when you pick up your little one at daycare, go ahead and copy her, or all the other designers who have sweatpants in their collections. PLEASE give up your Lulu Lemons, get yourself a pair of american apparel sweatpants, cut them off at the knee and cuff them. But don't forget the heels and the blazer to complete look...
Here are a few designer look to inspire you.

Try this look for the whole family!