Since the chinese new year is a 15 day celebration, I was thinking of posting some more rabbit things...

As you all have probably noticed I am a sucker for fashion, what you probably don't know yet is that I love illustrations... So if you put fashion and illustration together and throw in a really stylish rabbit, how can you not fall in love. The truth is that I am totally jealous of Fifi and secretly I sometimes wish I could be her! 

Fifi Lapin started out as a blog... I'll let you discover it for yourself. It really is worth the time! And now she has this really cute book called What Shall I Wear Today? It obviuosly has some great illustrations, but it also has great style and make-up tips and interviews with her favorite designers. I was really happy to discover this little hardcover on my last trip to Indigo... I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

 The kids will love her too!!!

You can get the book on these following websites... Or I found mine at Indigo on Ste-Catherine in Montreal.
It's your lucky day.... the book is on special for about 15$