Who doesn't love moon boots? I know I do... I used to have the coolest pair, and whenever I would wear them I would get the strangest stares! I wore them so much, they finally gave up on me: they started to  rip and then my feet started to get wet and cold. But I still kept them, for a long time, until one very sad day... I had to move into a smaller apartment and there just wasn't any more room! So you can't imagine my reaction when I saw these.... RED MOON BOOTS. Too bad they weren't in my size! They are still a bit big for Mister M and I am not sure my husband would approve! I guess I'll have to wait until Miss E fits in them...

By the way this picture was taken on my balcony... The door wouldn't open, we had over 20 cm of snow fall yesterday! So, I had to open the window of the balcony door, stick the shoes in the snow and snap the picture. 

If you are wondering were I got these, I got them at my near by Value Village thrift store here in montreal. I also got Miss E a little vintage sweater. This little classic was definitely handmade, probably in the seventies... it has that metal zipper with the wide circle zipper pull... the colors are also reminiscent of the seventies as well!

And last but not least, Mister M got to chose a toy. He really behaved well at the doctors that day and as a reward he got to chose any toy he wanted, as long as it wasn't broken. I was really proud of him, I think he made a great choice.

This plane is made by Viking toys. I had never heard of them before, so I checked up on them. They are a swedish company that make great quality toys for a great value.
See their website:

Here is a link to where you can buy online in Canada:

Happy green Thursday everybody!