So let me tell you a little about saturdays and what I am hoping to do... Saturday will be copy cat day! So what might you find on my blog on saturdays?

1. During the week I usually read many other cool blogs, so what I was thinking of doing was showing you some of my favorites posts. The kinda posts that make me think: "why didn't I think of that" or "too cool, everybody has got to see this".

2. (I did not have time to do this this week!) I hope to find some really fun street looks, or editors picks from famous magazines or some awesome outfit a celebrity was wearing. And then copy the look ( for kids) and tell you where you can buy the clothes to get the look! Sounds complicated... trust me, it will be complicated for me, but easy breezy for you!

So today, I will still follow through with the Rabbit Year theme. It's my last Bunny post, until Easter that is!  Bloesemkids is a really great blog... It's one of the first kids blog I've been following. If you are a design conscious parent you will love Irenes picks, her daily updates include finds, crafting, cooking and much much more... I particulary loved her chinese new year finds... all about the rabbit!  And you can find out where to buy all these adorable bunnies by visiting her site: