Do your kids love to dress up? I know mine do! Mister M is obsessed, one day his a fireman, the next a cowboy and always a superhero. Miss E is a little small, but she is already obsessed with wearing hats ( I really think that it is a genetic trait!).

So, there is this really great blog called Little Lovely, it's written by Khali a mom of two from australia. I love reading her blog, it's another one of my daily reads. Her sense of aesthetics is great and she always has something interesting to share. This week I particularly loved her selection of clothing that acts as dress up, but for daywear. She has gathered all the key pieces from all the great designers following this trend. So if your kids are like mine and you want to know where all these fun items came from check out Little Lovely... And if, like me, you like to read and discover great things for your little ones go and read Little Lovely!

P.S. If you love those cowboy p.j. they are on sale at Stella McCartney... grab them fast!