I don't know if you are like me, but I don't believe in putting Mister M in sweatpants every day. First, I think they look sloppy and baggy in all the wrong place. I understand that they are really comfortable, but I think it's important, even at a young age, to get your children used to dressing up a little. Don't get me wrong, Mister M wears sweatpants, usually on wednesdays because he has gym at his daycare and on tuesdays, he usually wears some kind of track pant because he has swimming and it's a lot easier for him to get dressed on his own.
So what do you do when Spring 2011 trends are all about the sweatpants? Gaulthier, Victor & Rolf, Rick Owens and so many others are showing the slouchy grey sweatpants on the runways for the mens summer collections. Oh! well, i guess you look for some cool jogging pants, that fit better than your regular ones and you pair them with some great shirts and accessories. This trend is being called Street Sport Smart!
Some of my favorite sweatpants are from Appaman or Imps & Elfs. If you are looking for a less expensive solution,  Zara and H&M always have the latest trends at great prices. And if you are looking for the designer sweatpants, then DieselGucci, or Fendi will have something for you!
If you want to get this little boys look, then you can get it at Sarabanda an italian brand for kids. Or you can get the look at Zara (on the right) for a lot less!

And to complete the look here are a few items you should get as well: the denim shirt, the blazer, the cardigan, the trilby, the scarf and the oxford shoes. Now you are all set and SWEATPANTS are permitted!!!!