Hi! I'm Toya, an artist/illustrator from London with a passion for making things. I share sewing and craft projects and tutorials on my blog at Made by Toya. This year I'm delighted to be joining the Petit a Petit family and plan to share a series of projects and tutorials inspired by Celina's Pinterest boards. Each month I'll pick a different board and make something in response. I'll also be teaming up with Linda (posting tomorrow) who'll be producing some downloadable printables on the same theme.

black cat bag

This month we picked Celina's ...purrfect... board and under heavy guidance from my eldest daughter (the bags were to be birthday gifts for her friends) I came up with this cross body shoulder bag with kittycat detailing.

If you'd like to make one too, you can download the pattern pieces over on my site. Full instructions are below. 

We'd love it if let us know if you use our tutorials, printables or just take inspiration from our theme/board by sharing your creations using #pinandcreate

grey cat bag

To make the purrfect bag you will need

  • pattern pieces
  • Mid weight woven fabric - I used a short pile faux fur for one version and a grey wool for the other. You will need a piece 35cm x 65cm.
  • Mid weight iron on interfacing - again a piece about 35cm x 65cm.
  • Lining fabric - lightweight woven cotton works well. A piece 35cm x 65 cm
  • Small scraps of contrast fabric for applique details
  • A small piece of fusible web
  • Embroidery floss
  • Bag strap - a cord, strap or plait of fabric about 90cm long.
  • Optional snap or magnetic bag clasp
The purrfect bag tutorial