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DIY... Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Gift Wrap


DIY... Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Gift Wrap

DIY Snowman Gift Wrap


Celina Bailey




I m sharing a cute and easy

gift wrapping tutorial over at Ebay

. My kids loved doing these and we might just have an army of snowmen under out tree this year!

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There will be a few more tutorials before the end of the end. I hope you enjoy them, because I've been having a lot of fun making them.





The Adventures of MissE and MisterM

Perhaps you remember THIS post I wrote last summer! My intentions that saturday afternoon was to make a little video of the kids and well the editing process just didn't go as I had planned. Fast forward 6 months later and here I am with my first film, part 1 of many I hope... The Adventures of MissE & MisterM. 

Adventures of MissE & MisterM from Celina bailey on Vimeo.

Please keep in mind that this is not perfect in any way and I am learning along the way, for example my first mistake was shooting vertically, the second is that my editing process of the photos and the film aren't the same and lastly, next time I will be shooting video I will keep filming a little longer past the moment to give myself more leeway when editing.

As much as I love capturing just that one moment in a photograph, there is something very special about capturing your kids on film. I am excited to make many more of these and explore different possibilities.

Thanks again LADIDA for providing both kids with their awesome tops and being the inspiration for this little video.



Crewcuts Quiz

The past week has been absolutely crazy busy for me- as you might already know I was in New York City for both Playtime and ENK, checking out all the Fall 2013 children's collections. I am still in the process of organising my thoughts and should have a post for you shortly.
One of the highlights of my trip was getting to visit the J.Crew Offices and meeting the wonderful designers behind Crewcuts. I really enjoyed working on the Pinterest collaboration and it was nice to finally meet everyone. It was such a pleasure chatting with Laura and finding more about what goes on and how the creative team works, it was all truly inspiring.
How fitting, Crewcuts just launched their first film entiled "Crewcuts Quiz", I though I'd share it with you today.
Here's a little description...
We started crewcuts by J.Crew to create clothes that moms and dads (and grandparents) get excited about and want to invest in and, most important, that kids actually want to wear. In our world, color is king. We specialize in creating favorite colors. Sea Glass, Vibrant Fuschia, Lime Sorbet. Each one of our extra-bright, can’t–find-anywhere-else shades is imagined by our designers in NYC. In the film, a few of our littlest (and cutest) friends—whose moms and dads work at J.Crew—have fun with pronunciating our spring colors…


You can check out the Video on the J Crew website as well!

If you hadn't had a chance to check out the J.Crew pinterest board "The Small Stuff'"- the one I collaborated with, you should! I think you'll really enjoy it!