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DIY: cute illustrations for your post, photos or whatever!


DIY: cute illustrations for your post, photos or whatever!

Would you like to learn how to add cute illustrations to your photos? Perhaps to make your blog post shine! Or perhaps and easy way to make Birthday cards or invitations? Do you love cute illustrations and can't even draw stick men? I have the solution for you and the best part is that you don't even have to know how to draw or have illustrator. 

Have you heard of DINGBATS? 

Basically, it functions just like a font but it's something other than a letter or number. You download it like a font and use it like you would any font in any program.

This idea of a post came to me when I helped my friend



edit some photos over the weekend. Let me show you what I did...

You can see the original photo... When I saw that face I just knew what I wanted to do- add some clouds and raindrops. I really didn't have time to draw my own and honestly my drawing skills are let just say not great. So I remembered I had downloaded a cute dingbat / font that would do just the trick. It is called

MTF Sweet Sky

and you can find it


. All I did was type letters A & B for the clouds, then I typed C- a few times for the raindrops and placed them where I wanted. I used photoshop- so I was able to erase a few of the raindrops, but first I had to merge and flatten my text layers to do that. I added a title and that was it. 

You can go and see a few of the images I edited for


on her blog

Sewing Like Mad

. And if you are wondering why I edited her photos, well she is participating in the sewing competition

Project Run & Play

and I offered to help her with her photos. That raincoat and outfit is out of this world cool- you should check it out and if you like what you see vote for her! 

Back to the dingbats. What is great about them is that you can change their size as with fonts. Same goes with their colours. I made a few quick posters to give you some ideas...

You can make the cutest lunch notes. Here I just typed in all the letters of the alphabet form a dingbat font called

Kawai Food

and then added my text on top.

You can create your own posters, use one or two illustrations and place them where you want. Play with the font size. It really is that simple. This dingbat font is called

Toy Cloud


Create greeting cards, birthday invitations, whatever your heart desires! Here you can see that you can use different colours and the variety that comes with every dingbat font you download. Guess what this one is called?

Sweet Halloween

. There are some that aren't so sweet- see


for yourself!

I've used them to make

these necklaces


As well as some shadow puppets. The possibilities are endless.

You can google what you are looking for, for example halloween dingbats, food dingbat, animal or weather dingbats and you will not believe the variety you will find- from cute to sophisticated. The best part is that you can get most of them for free.

Here is a great link for

fun kids dingbats


has some great choices.

I know it's that easy! Let me know if you ever use them.