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Magnote Toys... on my mind!

Oh Hello! It's me!!! Yes I know I haven't been half as present as I would like to be around here. With all the work I did for Stylo and the launch last Monday- it has been crazy. I hope you all enjoyed and it got you into sewing for KCW this week! Oh and let's not forget I was in Utah most of last week at Alt Summit- the crazy cool and amazing blogging conference ( more on that soon I promise) and I hardly had time for anything. I am back full of ideas and goals, full of inspiration and ready to go go go. Watch out 2014, here I come!

As I was away from the kids for 5 days, I figured a little gift was a must. Do you do this too? Bring a small gift back when you travel. I stayed at the luxurious Grand America and they have the best toy store, Joujou. Seriously, the store is beautifully curated and I could have bought everything. They had a really great boy selection as well, which is pretty hard to find.

So I came across these Village Monsters- Gigo Blocks by Magnote. I just knew my son would love them- and he did. They are these fun building blocks and in each box you can create 2 sets of characters or you can mix and match the pieces to create your own. I fell in love with the quirky characters and they happen to be fun and easy to put together too. MissE loves them too, bonus! Perfect each kid ended up with a character of their own.
And by the way you can find the GIGO BLOCKS - Monster Village on Amazon at a really good price (this is an affiliated link).

As I was doing a little research for this post I discovered that the company Magnote had a whole bunch of awesome products. I actually purchased their Piperoids the last time travelled and those were a big hit with the kids. I am just loving everything from this company. Go check it out for yourselves, I think you will be pleasantly pleased:




The weather outside is miserable- snow, freezing rain and wind all mixed together! Can someone let Mother Nature know it's spring already! Well there is nothing like writing a post to warm your soul and heart, specially when it talks about cute stuff and the weather of course! 

I have been a fan of Corby Tindersticks for little while now, but never got around to writing my love for this little brand until today! I'm sure you've seen images of their lovely creations around the web- they make the cutest plush toys, amazing clothing and accessories. Simple, quirky and fun with splashes of color and the sweetest little details- A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 

I just can't get enough of how sweet the illustrations are and how they come to life on all of these products. I would love to live in the creators head, even just for one day- what an enchanting world it is!
I say adult sizes too please. I guess I can get the tote for me then or the weather map- to create my own forecast! 

You can buy all of these fun items on their online shop and you can follow them on their blog too. 

I hope this put a little sunshine in your day too! Happy Weekend!!!




How great are these oversized cuddly toys/ poufs?

The Zoo is created by French designer Ionna Vautrin... It includes a toucan, a panda bear and a whale with many mo too come. They are about 1m high and a hole lot to LOVE.

Found via Lustik.




Nice to meet you... Andrea Kang

I "met" Andrea Kang through Tumblr, I'm not quite sure how I landed on her Tumblr (I think she might have found mine first) but I instantly enjoyed it, every bit of it! So, naturally I looked a little further and discovered her website, Andrea isn't just a blogger, she is an illustrator, an artist, a product designer and toy maker... Everything she creates is delightful.


Here are a few of her toys...


And a few of her illustrations...

And some of her gallery work...

I had such a hard time choosing my favorites and there is so much more to discover on her website...

You should follow her on Tumblr too... I do!

Know if only she had an online store... Hint hint :)



My Vintage (dream) Wishlist no.5

I was going to do one of my vintage lists and then I came across Factory 20,

the most amazing antique/ vintage store ever!

I don't think I saw something I didn't like...

From decorative arts to furnishing, all unusual and unforgettable.

Don't expect to find anything under 150$... But a girl can dream can't she?


Here are a few of the children's vintage selection...

Mister M wants to go to a class carnival as a clown... I tink I just found my inspiration!

My kind of game... I'm pretty sure I had something quite similar growing up.

Unfortunately this is no longer available...

Or maybe it's a good thing, I might have broke the bank for this vintage stroller!

It was this toy stroller that made me discovered Factory 20,

thanks to Petite Polou on Pinterest...





...A family of six different stuffed animal friends...

...They can be mixed and matched with the help of a zipper...

...Into endless possibilities and hours of fun...
...My kids would go crazy for these...

I couldn't resist getting just one!

Which is your favorite?

Definitely Tig-O-Tiger for Miss E, because she makes the cutest roaring sound...

Perhaps Shark-O-Shark for Mister M, since he's convinced he swims like a shark...

And Squid-O-Squid for me, I love calamari...

Found Via Pinterest, thank you Erin!