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SweetKM DIY Suspender Tutorial


SweetKM DIY Suspender Tutorial

Hi, Kristi from SweetKM here. Has anyone else noticed suspenders are everywhere this spring? I don't know who started the trend, but I am not above jumping on the suspender bandwagon. Perfectly coinciding with my suspender obsession, sewing supply powerhouse Dritz just came out with a very professional looking suspender slide. With one of the biggest kid sewing holidays of the year fast approaching (Easter) I think this is the perfect time to learn to make your own suspenders.


1. Assemble your supplies: 3"x3" square of main fabric, 3"x3" square of accent fabric, 3"x6" piece of medium weight fusible interfacing, 7 1/2" piece of 1" elastic, 2- 1 1/2" x30" strips of light weight fusible interfacing, 2- 1 1/2" x30" strips of main fabric, (2) 1 1/2" x 30" strips of accent fabric, (2) 1" suspender slides, (3) 1" suspender/mitten clips. Cut 2 connector pieces out of medium weight fusible interfacing. You can find the connector pattern piece here.

2. MAKE THE FRONT STRAPS: Fuse the strips of light weight interfacing to the wrong side of the strips of main fabric. Align on all sides.

3. With right sides together pin one main fabric strip to one accent fabric strip aligning all sides. Repeat with second set of strips. Sew along the long sides of each strip using a 1/4" seam allowance. These are the front suspender straps.

4. Turn each strap to the right side. Press flap. Top stitch each long side as close to the edge as you feel comfortable.

5. MAKE THE BACK CONNECTOR. Fuse one interfacing connector piece to the center of the main fabric square. Trim all fabric edges to 1/2" around the interfacing. Repeat with accent fabric. 

6. Press the overlapping main fabric edges to the wrong side of the connector piece over the interfacing. Repeat with accent fabric. Press well.

7. Sandwich the straps, and elastic between the connector pieces as shown on the connector pattern piece diagram. Make sure about 1" of each strap and the elastic is inside the sandwich. Pin generously along the edges of the connector. Connector pieces should be wrong sides together. Make sure all connector edges are aligned, and that straps are centered on each side.

8. Top stitch around the connector piece as close to the edge as you feed comfortable. Make a second line of top stitching about 1/8" away from the first line toward the middle of the connector piece (see diagram on pattern piece).

9. Slip the suspender slide onto the strap. When the suspender slide is open the teeth should be pointing toward the raw edge of the strap, and the bar should be on the right side of the strap. When the slide is closed the longer part of the back piece should be pointing down. (There is a handy diagram on the back of the Dritz Suspender Slide packaging)

10. Slip the suspender clip onto the strap so that the clip in on the right side of the strap. Thread strap through the back of the slide. Press 1/2" fold into the raw edge of the strap. Make another 1/2" fold. Stitch along this fold, securing the bar of the suspender slide in the loop. Repeat with other strap.

11. Slip the clip onto the elastic with the clip on the right side of the elastic. Press 1/2" fold into the raw edge of the elastic. Make another 1/2" fold. Stitch along this fold securing the clip in the loop.

12. Done! Please share your finished suspenders #petitapetitblog and #sweetkmpatterns.

Oh hey! Girls look cute in suspenders too! My kids are now suitably matchy-matchy for Grandma's Easter egg hunt photo op. J in the SweetKM suspenders,  a Purl Bee Little Boys Tie in coordinating fabric, a Land's End button down shirt, and Old Navy jeans. L is 100% homemade! I'm talking about her outfit, on my blog today.  Stop by SweetKM for details!