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Sew Japan With Mie - January 2016


Sew Japan With Mie - January 2016

Every month Mie from Sewing Like Mad will be sharing a creations made from one of her favourite Japanese books. For January she made her daughter the cutest outfit. Come join the fun and add your Japanese creations to the sewalong!




I have had the privilege of getting to review not 1 but 2 Japanese Pattern sewing books. Tuttle Publishing has been translating these books to English and I've been loving them, it's not all that hard when I have been a die hard fan of Japanese books already. Today I want to talk to you about the Woman's book called "She Wears The Pants" & the little girls one called "Sewing For Your Girl". Now be sure to scroll all the way down for the giveaway.

I don't sew very often for myself and I really should. I think the idea of the photoshoot really just scares me too much. Good thing I had both MissE and MisterM help me out with posing! 

If you read my post from Friday, then you already know what I was inspired by to create these outfits. I really wanted to use the nani Iro I had bought ages ago from Miss Matatabi's for myself but didn't have enough of it to make the dress. So I was hoping to find some black lace for the back, can you believe my local fabric store had no black lace??? Seriously, isn't black lace the most popular & trendy  fabric at the moment. Oh well, I found this large floral in the shades of blue instead and I am loving the final result, even if the blues don't quite match up. 

Now about the book... I absolutely love so many of the styles in this book. I actually didn't realize it, but I already owned the Japanese version. I am happy to have the english version now, as it is much easier to follow the instructions especially when it came to find all the pattern pieces- that was the hardest part about making this dress! 

I had to make a size large ( the biggest size available), it is a good thing most of the styles are loose fitting as I will be able to make all the style even if I am wider than the required measurements. Next time I will also lengthen the dress a little ( I didn't have enough fabric this time). I am 1,72m so I am taller than the average Japanese ladies. It's really not that hard to add length to the patterns. And for 12$ for so many styles, it is well worth it. 

It would appear I am unable to follow instructions or keep a pattern as is! I opted to leave the bows in the back and add just a thin cord. I should have made it a little shorter, so the dress doesn't fall off my shoulders so much. 

I also cut the dress on the fold at the center seams ( because of my lack of fabric) instead of at the side seams as intructed- but it turned out quite fine. 

I am very excited to make another in a black wool with a ribbing at the hem instead or maybe a sequins one for a party I have at the end of the month. This is such a fast and easy sew and you can really have some fun with it. 

It was so hard to choose for MissE what to make from the "Sewing For Your Girl" book, but I've been wanting to make her some simple overalls for a while and so I went this style. 

I actually made it reversible and had to change a few things at the back waist, nothing too complicated.

This was such a pleasant and easy sew. Pretty quick too. I just love the fit. It's perfect!

The floral fabric and the light denim are from my stash. The floral is a silk cotton blend and the denim is a bamboo- both so smooth and comfy. I have to say I am a little jealous! 

Both books are totally awesome and I would really recommend them. There are so many great projects to make and how can you beat 12$, even if you end up making just one or do like me and only look at the pretty photos! 

So are you ready for some awesome photos? The kids were showing me how modelling is done. After all these years they've become quite the experts! Here we are doing our best Anna & Elsa impersonation. 

How about the monkey? 

Umm, very elegant indeed!

So who want to win a copy of each? Simply follow the instructions to the giveaway. You have until Monday August 17th at noon EST. It's open to Candian and US addresses only (sorry). 




I was asked by the super sweet and very talented Heidi of Elegance & Elephants to sew a little something something from the newest Five And Ten Design eBook. She is one of the 5 designers collaborating on this pdf pattern ebook - it's such a lovely concept, you get one pattern block and then clear instructions on how to modify the pattern block to create 10 very unique items. Vol.2 is all about coats, and with 10 different ones to choose from you will have sewing projects for the next few years. You can see what I made from vol.1 here if you like, same concept but for dresses. 

I decided to go with Look no.1 designed by Delia from Delia Creates. The truth is that with the below zero temperature we are living these days I didn't want to make a light weight jacket that would get used only come the spring time. So I decided to make a simple warm and comfy hoodie, one Miss E could wear under her winter coat and then use as a jacket in the spring. I had this faux fur in my stash since last fall and decided Delia's design would be perfect for it. Here is the thing, I barely had enough to cut out all my pieces and so I ended up making a 3 piece hood which ended up being perfect to sew in my bear ears. I added those too. The striped fabric is a double knit you are probably tired of seeing and I have a lot more, so you will be seeing more of it. It's a good thing I love it!!! 

I also decided to make the jacket reversible. You should know by now I love reversible clothes, you get 2 in one!!! And because of this I simply cut 2 of all my pieces and skipped the facings. It's too bad because I really like how simply Delia created those. Seriously, this will be the easiest coat you will ever sew, even with the hood, facings and inseam pockets. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, the sewing is simple and quick.  

Now let's see how mine turned out. 

 You will definitely want to check out the FIVE AND TEN website to see all the other design in the book. You will be surprised how different they all are and how simply you can create them from just one block.
In honor of BLACK FRIDAY you can get 30% on both vol.1 & vol.2 with coupon THANKYOU. Hurry the sale ends Monday.

Floral Dress by Zara
Yellow Tights by H&M
Paper Bag Skirt by Scotch & Soda Rebelle
Oxford Shoes from Zulily



I love nani IRO

Have you heard? It's nani IRO month over at Miss Matatabi's. I kind of wish it was nani IRO year! If only I could sew with this amazing Japanese fabric for every project- ohhhh dreamy! I am super and honoured to be part of the blog tour and I had the privilege of choosing some fabric in exchange for this post. How could I refuse such an amazing opportunity, some of my favourite items were made with nani IRO  you can see the sweetest tunic here and remember my Project Run & Play hi-lo tunic, see it here! This time I knew I wanted to make myself something and couldn't resist doing a mother-daughter outfit!

I made myself a dress with the loveliest Kokka nani Iro Water Window wata double gauze. I just love the oversize checker board print, it looks as though it was hand painted. I was pleasantly surprised how little it got wrinkled after a days wear. I shortened the dress a little too much, I guess I have enough now to make MissE an exact copy of my dress as per her request! However, it is perfect for wearing with skinny jeans and will be great for all seasons. I finished the hem with some floral nani IRO bias tape which I bought a while back at Miss Matatabi's- oh so sweet. 

I also made a bag. I LOVE my bag. It is oversized but light weight. It can carry sooo much, perfect for travelling with kids or going to the beach. 

I used some Kokka nani IRO Pierre Pocho Canvas. How awesome are those polka dots?  It's a lovely cotton and linen blend,  just perfect for so many applications. I used a vintage leather belt I had for the straps and added a magnetic snap for easy access. 

Here we are testing the bag out!

I used the same Canvas to make MissE's romper. 

I love the simplicity of this pattern. The open back is super cute. I might sew the straps to back so MissE can put it on and off as she desires. She thought it was funny her dress was actually shorts! She was even more excited her romper matched by bag. The fabric was a perfect choice for this pattern, i was worried it would be too thick or stiff but it turned out perfectly. 

The dress is from the Simple Chic Japanese Pattern book. The Bag from this Umami Japanese bag pattern book. The romper from my favorite author Ennana. Just click on the photos to shop ( the first 2 are affiliated links).

The amazing fabric is available at Miss Matatabi's Etsy Shop- her international rates are awesome, her service impeccable and selection to die for, I have ordered from there a couple of times and will keep on shopping there. Check out the double gauze here and the Pocho Canvas here, note there might be some variations in color also if the item is sold out it will most probably be back in stock real quick.

The best part of making a mother-daughter outfit, is that I get some fun photos with my daughter. I need to work on a mother-son outfit next! I really need to thank my husband for these awesome shots.

Cardigan: J-Crew
Shoes hers & mine: Zara
Cat bag: Muchacha ( special Milk Magazine Anniversary Edition)

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Now you are going to want to check out what everyone else is up to this month and if you are sewing with some nani IRO don't forget to tag your photos with #ilovenaniiro so we can all follow along. Thank you Frances for inviting me to the tour.



I MADE: Little Black Pants

KCW came and went. I have to say this time around was the season I made the least things for KCW. Maybe because I made a few things before or perhaps because I've been sewing for my kids like crazy the last few months... They honestly do not need any more clothing, but that won't stop me from sewing for them some more! So, I made A sweater shirt &pants the first few days, I started a few projects which I have yet to show you, did some research for some upcoming projects, I made a mermaid costume and tutorial and I sewed these Little Black Pants. All in all, not so bad. 

These pants are actually part of MissE's Halloween costume, but you will have to wait before I reveal that! I love that she will actually be able to wear them everyday... 

They are from one of my many Japanese Sewing Books for kids. I just love the fit and cut. They are baggy and big at the waist, MisseE can stick her hands in there- that is just how loose they are. They hold up with some suspenders which I already had and didn't have to sew.

You can find the book here for purchase and read this lovely review here, the book is called おしゃれが好きな女の子の服 in case you want to google it, which apparently means Fashionable Girls clothes. If you are interested in knowing more about Japanese Books, then I strongly suggest you have a look around the Japanese Sewing Books blog- it is wonderful.

I used a black canvas fabric from Organic Cotton Plus. It has a lovely weight and feel to it. 

I just love the detail on the back, from the waistband to the tie- such cute and unique details. 

There you have it! My little black pants. The lovely thing about this book is how everything is not so girly and frilly and is very unisex. I really cannot wait to make more things. I just need more time...

 How was you week of KCW?