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15 must have DIY Back to School Accessories


15 must have DIY Back to School Accessories

 I thought it would be fun to share some fun DIY's for some back to school accessories. MissE just started grade 1 and Mister grade 2. They both have uniforms so I won't be sewing much clothing for them but I thought it might be fun to make some other things the kids and me happy! 

I just love the satchel up top as an alternative to the regular backpack, it has that vintage European look I love! Perfect for carrying all your library books and art projects. Both these tutorial isn't in English, but easy enough to figure out with google translate. 

HELLO KITTY Satchel by 




Mes Petite Couture- Madelaine


How about some cute note books to put in your bag? These eyelet ones are so pretty.


Damask Love


Add a little charm with this cute chick pompom to you bag. Or perhaps use it as a keychain for your first set of keys. 

KAWAI Keychain by

SweetCookiePie on Youtube


SIMPLE ANIMAL Backpack charms by



No pencil collection is complete without some personalized pencil toppers. How cute are these dinosaurs? You could make these with any small plastic toy. I wonder if it would work with erasers too? 

Dino Pencil Toppers by



Have you seen all the personalized pencils popping up on the web lately? Now you can make your own with this brilliant tutorial. "Do Your Best", "Use Your Words", "Work Hard, Play Hard"... what would you write? You could just put your kids names, I know I need to label all of my kids things- this would be awesome!

DIY: Words To Write By by

Camille Styles


And you know I love color blocking, so I had to share these!


The Crafted Life.

One can never have enough pencil cases/ holders. How fun are these Pencil pencil cases/ clutch?

Pencil CLUTCH by

Hands Occupied.

Pencil POUCH Tutorial by

Gwenny Penny


And then you need to organize all those pens and pencils, markers, paint brushes! These simple canvas pencil holders might just do the trick. Make them in any size you want, paint them any color you want- these would look great on any desk or shelf. 

Canvas Pencil Holder by

Alisa Burke


Talking about organizing, where do you put all of your kids drawings? I love the idea of a fabric envelope, large enough to put all the art work my son brings from school. Actually by son's school asked for a plastic one, I think I found a better alternative! 

Fabric Enveloppe Tutorial by

Fabric, Paper, Glue


And of course the thing I struggle the most with these days is preparing my son's lunches: did I make enough, too much, is it healthy- so many questions. I am thinking that if I made him a bento lunch bag I could start making him some cute lunches and then maybe he would actually eat! I just might have to give it  try.

DIY Bento Lunch Bag by

Smashed Peas and Carrots


And finally, I just love the idea of putting little notes in my kids lunches. My son can read a little, but I could just draw a heart or a smiley face too. What a great way to brighten your kids day with a little note just reminding him or her how much he is loved. I need to start doing this asap. 

Lunch Box LOVE NOTES by

Polka Dot Prints.




And if you haven't seen my backpack tutorials from a couple of years ago, you can find them

HERE for the big one


HERE for the small one


I wish you all a lovely back to school!