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I spy with my little eye... a trend towards all things EYES. 
What are you obsessing about these days? My latest manomania has to be eyes. I see them everywhere. On bag, on shoes, on fabric, on mugs... everywhere. 

Now here are some of those eyes I am telling you about....

Follow Celina Bailey's board ... I spy ... on Pinterest.

Scroll down and pin straight from here, how cool is that? There are more on my pinterest board but not enough!  So feel free to send me more "I SPY" pins so I can satisfy my obsession!

And I haven't blogged about Misha Lulu's latest collection, but you need to follow Karen on IG in the mean time- isn't her daughter the cutest ( image above)? The collection is pretty awesome too!

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Hobby Horse... Idee Fixe... Monomania. A new feature were I will share what I am obsessing over at the moment.

If you follow me on Pinterest, then this might be of no surprise to you. This week... drum roll please.... it's the WATERMELON.

Maybe it's the heat or the great color combination or maybe I am not the only one!

Click on the images below and pin directly from my blog- how cool is that?

Follow Celina Bailey's board ... pastèque ... on Pinterest.

How about you, what is your latest obsession? I might start a new board!



MishMash Friday no.11

It's been a long week and it hasn't ended yet! Did I ever mention I worked in the "gifting" business? I do! So you can just imagine the amount of work I've had this week... 

So unfortunately this weeks mishmash will just be a list of the things I found via Pinterest, some of my favorites. I've put them all in a board I called Pinluscious, you might want to check it out... I haven't showed you everything here and if your interested you'll get all the links there or just click on the photo and it will take you to the source. 

So sorry for this lazy post!!!
I already wish it was summer... 

I'm loving this mountain brooch, for me or Miss E?
Too cute...

Too cool...

Ummm, my favorite series of books & some summery colors... I'm starting to smile!
How awesome are these knitted bloomers? I might attempt to make a pair for Miss E...

Greatest Polar Bear, don't you think?
Something about this room... 

Bobo Choses makes chairs.... Yeahhh!

Best Santa ever!
Do get socks and p.j's for x-mas? I wouldn't mind these...

Love you guys... Thanks for passing by and have the greatest weekend ever!

I'll be posting my Virtual advent calendar pick a little later...