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Snow White ++Outfitted no.4++

I couldn't help but be inspired by Snow White, with all the hype behind the two movies coming this spring (Mirror Mirror and Snow White & the Hunstman) and the fact that we've been watching the Disney classic on a loop at my house made it inevitable...

Here are two little outfits I've put together taken from this summers children's collections...


1.Vintage lace collar 2.Hello Kitty red headband 3.Blue long sleeve Whip Cream shirt
4.Apple Purse 5.Nathalie Verlinden Mary-Janes 6.Yellow pleated pants 7.Red felt bow headband 8. Blue blouse 9.Apple clock 10.DIY red detachable collar ( free pattern & tutorial in French) 11.Bobo Chose white and yellow skirt 12.Knee high socks 13.Blue Hasbeens for kids In the middle: Vintage Snow White paper doll

So if Miss E ask me to dress up like Snow White, I think you might guess what her outfit might look like!

Also, check out my post on Babyccino today... There is a lot more Snow White inspiration going on there as well!

Just for fun, here are some paper dolls I made over the weekend! I printed my outfits and the vintage Snow White paper doll on my inkjet, cut and glued it all up... I had a blast and so did the kids. I think I might try that again!

And if that isn't enough, I've added a new board to my Pinterest entitled... Snow White. While making this and Babyccino's blog post, I lost a lot of my links, but magically some reappeared today, so I figured I 'd share them with you that way and I have a Strong suspicion that I'll be adding lot's more goodies over the next couple of months!