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Monday Madness...

First, Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians.
I have so much to be thankful for this year, what a year it's been so far. I am thankful for all the little things in my life, my morning coffee, my kids smiles, my saturday nights with my husband, my moms constant help, my sisters good heart. Notice I put coffee first! Ha, I don't function without it and without it everyone around me would be miserable- so it went first! I am thankful for my families good health, last year was really hard on me I had a terrible back pain and was in bed for months, I am not 100% but I cannot complain.
But really,  I am thankful of my ever supporting family and friends - but also you my readers. I am really fulfilling a dream with my little blog. I often question why I write here almost everyday and your comments and support remind me how lucky I am to have this space to be able to express myself and be creative in so many ways.
I have lots of amazing things coming up in the new year and I cannot wait to share. All in due time!

The last couple of weeks have been like a real roller coaster ride and I wanted to be sure you saw all that I was up to...

So are you? KCW is a week of sewing for you kids from October 21 to the 27th: 1 hour a day for a week. I was guest posting a couple of weeks! You can see how I get ready HERE, you can see what has me inspired this fall with a lovely color palette and you can follow my really easy Tutorial for adding a Peter Pan collar to a t-shirt or sweatshirt (1st image up top) as well as creating a faux Peter Pan Collar by inserting it to your design.
So I think I am ready!

Next, I've been posting on Handmade Charlotte...

and also on Babyccino...

I forgot to announce the winners of the La Belette Rose Little Portraits giveaway.
Drum Roll please....
and the winner is: ADAM WEST- woohoo!

Speaking of Giveaways, you won't want to miss tomorrows post- another lovely giveaway from Mini Boutique.

Also this week, I'll be posting my Bimaa sweater. Check out what everyone else has been up to...

Oh and did you notice my blog got a face lift. What do you think? I still have many many things I want to change around, but this is a start. I would love to get your opinion, let me know- even things you might like to see on sidebar? Also, are there any specific posts you might want, maybe some things I used to do that I haven't done in while... let me know! 

Thanks for reading!!! Have a lovely week... don't forget to come and chat on Facebook, I try to share all of this stuff and more there! 



Mish Mash Friday no.22

I've been trying to get back into the groove of things here on the blog- since I got back from NYC. I've had a hard time concentrating and not much motivation to get to my computer and tell you about all the wonderful things I want to share. I can blame it on the weather or perhaps I have too much going on in my little head that I'm having a hard time focusing and organising my thoughts. So this post was supposed to go up last week and instead it's up this week!

I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful people I got to hang out with and chat with while in NYC. I thought it would give you some amazing people to discover over your long weekend...

So here is how I spent most of my time in NYC... you can also check out my Instagram for a few photos!!!

I got to NYC on friday afternoon, I was hoping to do some blogging and pinning on my 9 hour bus ride, but the wifi was intermitten and driving me crazy- so instead I made pompoms (15 I think) and 6 ended up on 2 necklaces I made for my Cousisn's daughters who I spent that afternoon with. It was nice catching up with my cousin- felt a lot ike when we were younger... miss those days.

1- On saturday I took it real easy, I had lunch with Andrea who introduced me to Jolyne. Man was the grill cheese yummy. I think Andrea is one of my first bloggy friends and I would have never thought a year ago that we would have met in NYC. It was too short of a lunch and I would have loved to chill a while longer- I guess I'll have to go to Glasgow then!

2- I ended up spending the afternoon with Jolyne who I felt like I knew forever. We shopped, talked and laughed. You must check out her shop- it is simply awesome! All the stuff I like, handmade, modern and vintage in one stop.

3- I just had to stop into this shop and got some toys for kids, a sweater for my husband and notebook (so I can get organised) for me. Now why haven't they opened up shop here yet!

4- That evening I went to the Petite Parade Fashion Show to watch the Diesel fall collection. I ended up seeing more heads than anything but I did get a glimpse of June Ambrose and her super duper cool kids June and Chance. I then rushed over to Playtime to meet up with Marie-Laure which you might remember from the DIY posts she did for us this winter. We had a lovely evening and the best vietnamese food in China Town. I'm pretty sure if we lived in the same city we would see lot's of each other! You have got to check out her new blog- it's all about DIY's project, each new one is the cuter than last!!!

I spent all of sunday with the Babyccino girls Courtney and Esther and the cutest babies checking out and chatting with all the amazing designers. You can see my round-up here.

5- Monday morning was spent with Marie-Laure and Sandrine at playtime. It was really nice getting to know Sandrine better and finally meeting her. I love her work and her blog too- this is one you'll want to bookmark.

6- I spent the afternoon walking around Soho to check out a few stores. I had not realized Sweet William had a shop in Manhatten and was really excited to have a look. I was bummed out when they didn't have any Bobo Choses left in Miss E size but found some other goodies I'll be sharing with you next week. I also ended up at a trunk show where I met with some fabulous designers- Jennifer that you know from this weeks Show & Tell post. And finally I ended up at the Crewcuts offices where I met with the designers and had a really lovely chat. Did you see their cute new video yet?

7- Tuesday was spent at ENK and I discovered yet some more brands, all of which I'll be sharing in the next few months. Yes that many!!! Or perhaps I should strart blogging twice daily. It was really nice chatting with the Anais and I ladies and so many more...

8- I almost went to ENK only to get to meet Anabel- she is as sweet as they get. It's one thing seeing all these beautiful collections and items on the web and then an other when you get to actually touch and feel them. Fournier is one of these collections where it's so much more amazing in person!

Then I headed home with my head full of ideas and inspiration, a heart filled with lots love and new friendships. It was a long 9 hour bus ride, I got home at 4 am and was woken up at 6am by the happiest kids in the world!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Mishmash Friday no.19

It's Friday and I'm exited for the weekend! Tomorrow is my 6 year wedding Anniversary and my kids are sleeping over at my moms, so hopefully I'll have some quality time with my awesome husband and the best part is that we get to sleep in on Sunday!!!

Have you heard Figgy's is giving away this PDF pattern of the circle skirt, all you have to do is download the file from their blog. It comes in kids and mom sizes! They are also holding a competition... Make the skirt your own by modifying it, take some photos, add them to the Flikr group and you run the chance of winning some interesting prizes! For more details go to their blog. I think I might participate, the first prize is pretty cool, I wouldn't mind winning that!

We love music boxes in our house, but this is just toooo cool! A moving musical train... I wish I could find where to buy this! Check out the creator Ricardo Seola's website.

I must get Miss E a boater hat. this kid is just too cute and so is her outfit from this French label, Quenotte.

I can't forget to take out some scarf for Miss E to wear.This cute look is from this amazing American Label, BabyLady Inc. You might want to check out their summer and fall collection.

More great Sales over at Line+Liv. This top is from Lischen Muller, I love everything she creates.

My kids love their ice cubes and playing with them, imagine if they had these polar bear and penguins ice cubes, they would go crazy!

Have you ever seen such a cute radish? Check out Myriam Balay Devidal's website for lot's of inspiration...

Is it lunch yet? That gif is making me hungry... I love the simplicity of the illustration.

Have a great and relaxing weekend! See you on Monday ;)


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MishMash Friday no. 18

Happy Friday y'all!

I'm not quite sure where my week went!!!! It's been pretty busy at work, the kids were a little sick, I've also been doing a little extra graphic design work on the side. Oh, and I printed and sewed up my pj orders, so those will be ready to ship! I have so much I'd love to share and not enough time... I miss working from home, on my own schedule.

Here are a few thing I liked this week form tumblr, Pinterest, Etsy and from here & there...

(photo above via I Art U )

I love everything from this Japanese label Franky Grow...

Love everything in this Etsy shop Misako Mimoko, seriously cute! I think I'll get the orange toy watch for Miss E, the brown for Mister M and the green one for me :)

Vintage lithographed tin cars and cabs toys from Nana's Cottage House. I'd love to get these for Mister M.

What a cute idea... Cover you light switch plaques with fabric? I think I might have to come up with a tutorial for this :)

Found via Interior Decline

Oh Miss E has a thing for horses, I think my kids would love this vintage marionette form the 60's. It would look great in our living room too. Via 100 Cards

How Genetics Work? Photo by René Maltête.

Matching outfits for Mom, Dad & Son... My kind of matching! Via Austin Kleon

How cute is this little girl? I love her style... Photo from Little Warrior found via Tom Boys.

Have a wonderful weekend... Looks like it's going to be a really nice one here!


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MishMash Friday no.17

Is it Friday yet? Oh me oh my what a week I had! Miss E hasn't been sleeping well and keeping us up for part of the night, I got into a small car accident, I'm officially working full time again although my back isn't 100%... But at least the weather has been good! Needless to say, I've posted very little this week and I'm so sorry. I promise to catch up!

I haven't done one of my mishmash lists in a little while... here are a few things I liked around the web this week.

I'm slightly jealous of her jeans! Love everything about these dolls via Severina Kids.

These magnets are perfect! I think Mister M would love them too. Via Snug

H&M's kids Home selection ( coming out this summer ) is seriously AMAZING... Unfortunately it's not available in Quebec, but I think I might get my aunt in Paris to get this bear bedspread for Mister M, his room needs some serious help! Via

I came across this KicoKids image on Pinterest and just had to know more- I discovered this lovely little shop and ...

....this car. I think I'd get it for me! Floris Hovers at Buisjes & Beugels

I need to crochet this wand for Miss E.... Via Phildar

Do bad these vintage swimming trunks are too small! Via Little Part on Etsy

Love This dress form Etsy seller Harriet's Haberdashery

Now I spend lot's of time on Pinterest, so if you like this selection I think you might like my pins... You are more than welcome to pass by and repin your favorites!

I've also been spending some time on my tumblr Least Little Thing and I really like the way it's looking... Come take look and tumble away!

Have a wonderful weekend! I don't say it enough... But thank you for passing by :)



MishMash Friday no.16

I thought I'd celebrate St-Patrick's day my way! Here are some green things I like...

I can't believe the photo above is of my home town Montreal, it's from Expo 67'. They should really recreate this... Via

This bike is so cool, I love the color and the handmade basket. Check out it out on Elisanna.


So sweet... Do you think that's wallpaper? Via IMGFAVE


Mister M would be so cute in this green vintage Lacoste... Via Etsy

I really mst get Miss E some Saltwater sandals this summer, lime green could be real cool! Via

Do you think I can bring the kids to daycare in this? I sure would love to... Via


Just love the graphics from this vintage copy of The Green Child.. Via Etsy

Have you checked out the Bobo Choses collection yet? It's outstanding, as usual!


Forecast here for the weekend is 20 degrees and sunny, highly unusual for this time of year (it's usually more like -20!) but you won't hear me complaining...

Do you have any special plans? Have a great weekend!!!




MishMash Friday no.15

What a week... filled with love and excitement!

What did you do for Valentines Day? I made the kids some little plush hearts with goggly eyes, they love them...

We also had a dance party... Daddy Cool brought some laser disco lights from work and the kids went crazy!!! Mister M is really into Michael Jackson these days, he now insists on wearing one glove to break out his moves... Thank you Classic Play for the inspiration!

Did you see me and the kids over at Babyccino? I'll be blogging there once a week as of this week... So exciting!

And did you check out the Harvest Textiles leggings on La Petite... to die for! How about Hiromatsu's sustainable furniture for kids, too cute!

And around the web...
Flannery O'kafka does it again... I can't tell you how much I love this little photo shoot! Looks like it belongs in Kid's Wear Magazine.

I wish I was in New York this weekend, so I could attend the Kid In launch party. Have you looked at this new website? Oh Me Oh My!!!

M for Mister M!!!
Mini&Maximus just shared their Rock Paper Scissors collection... -L-O-V-E- 

I hope you all ...
Is there something you'd like to see more of on the blog? or Less? I would love to know :)



MishMash Friday no.14

Coucou for triangles!
Seriously I've gone mad... perhaps it's the medication I'm on or perhaps it's just the new big trend, all I know is that I'm seeing triangles everywhere and I'm LOVING it! If you'd like to see more of my triangle obsession, then I strongly suggest you check out my post on LA PETITE... or perhaps my newest Pinterest board entitled "Geo".

And if you would like to be an artist like me, hehe, and would like to turn all of your favorite photos into triangles then might i suggest you check out the Application called POLY. So easy to use even a child  could figure it out. I found this via Behance. Watch out, it's highly addictive!

How about making your own "triangle" hair pins... You know I'm trying this over the weekend right?
Via Petit Polou on Pinterest
You might also want to check out Petit Polou's blog... she's got me hooked!

Now onto some more serious affairs! I'm going to try and spread some more sunshine today, here are some links to some fantastic blogs and boutiques!

childrens book by anne-sophie rosenvinge skov

Here is yet an other amazing blog you might want to check out... Cirkus with more lovely finds and inspiration...

How about a cute bag all the way from South Africa... this Etsy shop has got me dreaming of a Safari voyage with the kids, in the mean time I could buy a donkey! Kiddies Over The Moon has got my vote for the Etsy store of the week!

If you love textiles, this blog is for you... World Of Textiles. It is full of amazing designs, from jewelry to furniture, a beautifully curated gallery of things I couldn't even dream of!

I think that should keep you busy for the weekend!

I realized I had said I would blog a little more now that I was on bed rest and perhaps you noticed that nothing really has changed around here, but let me tell you, I've been working real hard... You'll just have to see next week! I have some exciting news to share ;)




MishMash Friday no.13

 Today is a good day!  Today is a good day!  Today is a good day! Just trying out some positive thinking... Truthfully, I'm not feeling that great today, but... Today is a good day! 

I wasn't going to blog today, that's how bad and unmotivated I was feeling this morning, I just found out I had not 1 but 2 herniated disks in my lower back. The " good" news is that I need complete bed rest for who knows how long, so that means lot's of blogging!!! Trying to see the positive in all of this... So here I am stuck in bed with my iPad and thanks godness for my iPad, because Pinterest has cheered me up. A real drug that website! 

So here are some things I liked this morning over on Pinterest ( I've added everything to my pinluscious board and more)... Just click on the photo to get to the source.


 Something to bring my appetite back... How cute? And the packaging too...

 A cute elephant tee to bring me luck...

 A fun collage to make me smile... These are created by Barbara Bruno, to see more check her board out on pinterest, she's one of my favorites!

 To inspire me... I wish I had a hat like that!

 To make me wish I could sew again... But really to make me discover a new amazing blog ( check the photo below)


 Muita ihania is an oh so lovely blog full of inspiration and ideas... My latest blog love!

 Because I am a lucky girl, always have been... I'm surrounded by people I love and who love and care for me. Thank you!


I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog, you make me happy! Truly...


P.S. don't forget to read my blog posts on La Petite Magazine, I've written about some pretty cool stuff in the past couple of weeks ;)



MishMash Friday no.12

TGIF... Is it still cool to say that? I'm just happy it is Friday, not that this week was exceptionally busy, just one of those un eventful weeks... With that being said, I didn't get much blog reading done, nonetheless here's what I found......

I wish I had these to keep me warm... Found via Flickr, a new obsession of mine! Thank you Louise!!!

I fell head over heels for these handmade Goodies over at Paul&Paula.

Lucky Boy Sunday summer 2012 collection thanks to Kickcan& Conkers.

I think this would look amazing filled with toys in a kids room... Get yours at Anthropologie!

Just love these piggy banks... Saw these on Rafa Kids, an amazing blog about kids design.

How great is this image? LOVE... Found it over at Trendland.

Have a great weekend!!! We just had a small snowstorm, so hopefully the kids will get to play outside...

It's Friday print found via Pinterest.



MishMash Friday no.11

It's been a long week and it hasn't ended yet! Did I ever mention I worked in the "gifting" business? I do! So you can just imagine the amount of work I've had this week... 

So unfortunately this weeks mishmash will just be a list of the things I found via Pinterest, some of my favorites. I've put them all in a board I called Pinluscious, you might want to check it out... I haven't showed you everything here and if your interested you'll get all the links there or just click on the photo and it will take you to the source. 

So sorry for this lazy post!!!
I already wish it was summer... 

I'm loving this mountain brooch, for me or Miss E?
Too cute...

Too cool...

Ummm, my favorite series of books & some summery colors... I'm starting to smile!
How awesome are these knitted bloomers? I might attempt to make a pair for Miss E...

Greatest Polar Bear, don't you think?
Something about this room... 

Bobo Choses makes chairs.... Yeahhh!

Best Santa ever!
Do get socks and p.j's for x-mas? I wouldn't mind these...

Love you guys... Thanks for passing by and have the greatest weekend ever!

I'll be posting my Virtual advent calendar pick a little later...



MishMash Friday no.10

Finally it's Friday... All week I kept on thinking it was Thursday, only to soon realize it was only Tuesday, and then Wednesday and finally Thursday! What a week... Can't wait for the weekend to begin.

As you will see from this Mishmash Friday list, I have Christmas on my mind... And other stuff! 

I love this yawning bear t-shirt, I'd get one for the whole family if I could: Mama bear, Papa Bear and Baby bear. Find this and other cool tees over at Graniph.

Have you seen these photos by Loretta Lux? Eery & beautiful at the same time... I really like what graphic designer Becca Clason did with the photos.

Did you get your tree yet? Perhaps you can go the ecological way and get a wooden from Wool & Stool. You can decorate these too... 

Here's a little inspiration for all the gift wrapping you'll have to do! I used to be creative and come up with fun ways to wrap up my gifts, now I always find myself doing everything at the last minute and my packaging doesn't look so great... Maybe I'll try a little harder this year! Wait, there is more over at Time of the Aquarius

Now when it comes to giveaways it doesn't get much better than this... Over at Little Scandinavian, they are doing a giveaway everyday as part of their advent calendar! And to top it off the gifts are fantastic!!! I missed the first few days, but I've been playing everyday since, fingers are crossed XX.

P.S. don't forget to enter MY giveaway too... 

I'll finish with this amazing christmas family photo from Flannery O'Kafka. I kinda wish Andrea would adopt me, so I  too could belong to the coolest family ever! I think she mights already have her hands full with her 5 kids....
Check out her blog, it always puts a smile on my face!

Have a great weekend!