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Reading... LILLE NORD

I am so glad my husband came across this magazine the other night while on our monthly date! I am kind of upset issue 1 is sold out. If you love the world of design and more specifically the one of children, you will enjoy this printed magazine. Lille Nord is full of inspiration, from cool children's fashion and fun cutting edge photoshoots to DIY projects and recipes. My favourite has to be the inside look at scandinavian homes, but not only the all white look, some with more character and a well lived in with homey feel kind of homes. 

You can have a look at their BLOG for more inspiration and great articles as well as a few of their older online issues HERE

I am so looking forward to next issues. 

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Have you checked out the latest issue of STYLO yet? I know, I know, I should be the first one to tell you about it and always end up being the last! Ha. After many months of hard work, we are really proud to present you with the Golden issue

For those who don't know what STYLO is, it's the first fashion forward eMagazine centered around children's sewing patterns and style. All sewn and styled by the most incredibly talented contributing editors, women we love and admire that truly give homage to the timeless art of sewing.  Our focus is on modern patterns, trends, fabrics, and clothes that you and your kids will love. 

If sewing is not your thing, you can still find lots of inspiration from the beautiful styling and photography. You will also find interviews with small indie designers and some wonderful handmade gifts ideas for the kids. Let's not forget the great DIY's & tutorials, as well as the beautiful watercolors. 

Pages and pages created to inspire you. 

So grab a coffee, find a comfy chair and hop on over HERE. I hope you love it! 



La Petite Magazine- Issue 15


Have you read the latest issue of La Petite Magazine? Here are just a few of my favourite photos from the latest issue. As always it's filled with beautiful images, photography, styling and of course inspiration. Check it out HERE

Check out more of Michelle Marshall's amazing photos on her website. She has to be my favourite photographer at the moment. 

I just love Jenny Brandt's sense of aesthetics- read more about her HERE. I also just love that the clothes in this shoot are all vintage. 

and I just love the mood and poetry in these- this shoot was inspired by the movie The Red Balloon. Photos by Malin Ngoie.

For more....




Have you heard of The Loop yet? It's a children's magazine that thinks it's a newspaper for kids who are into everything & anything. Seriously, it's just that and more! I received a free copy a few months ago and have been meaning to write a review for a while now, and let me tell you it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

 First, I love that it's in a newspaper format, I don't think my kids have a clue what a newspaper is- so this was definitely a fun way to explain it to them. Secondly, this magazine is jammed packed with some awesome content. The artwork is super fun and brilliant, the artists work is truly amazing. The topics are fun and interesting as well. We learnt how to cook 'escargot' the Malta way. We have new books we want to read and music to listen too. The magazine covers a wide array of topics in an educational yet fun and inspiring way.

You can see here some of the Artwork represented in the magazine and you can even buy a few prints form the webshop. I only have good things to say about The Loop- it is such a fun read, a breath of fresh air really. I think MissE was a little young to really appreciate all the content, but Mister M being 6 was just about the right age to get it. I think my husband and I enjoyed it the most! I would definitely recommend this mag for the 7 and up crowd.
Mister M is really excited to make his own imaginary plane now and submit a photo, I think we have our craft activity for this weekend.
You can find out more about the The Loop here.
Happy Reading!



NOVALEE - Issue 4

Ladies and gentlemen I give you: Novalee - Issue 4/ The Rad and the Restless. 

I can finally tell you what I've been working on for the last couple of months with the incredible Lula Berthelette... drum roll...  Novalee an online magazine, dedicated to the world of children- cool kids might I add.  

I am their newest crew member and artistic director. I am so excited to be part of the team and the future that lies in front of us. So it would be awesome if you could check it out.

Here is a little sneak peek... 
You will find cool products on the pages of  Hustle + Flow.

Amazing editorial shoots by talented photographers.

Cute kids, great styling and awesome clothing.

Lots of inspiring art.

And even a DIY/ tutorial.

But wait, there is sooooo much more! So check it out:

I would love to know what  you think. Do you have some suggestions, ideas or anything you'd like to share? I'd love to hear all about it.

Thanks for reading! 



Cristallines ++ Milk Magazine ++

I just got my copy of the Milk Kid's Collection Magazine, it was about time!!! I'm not sure why it takes so long for us Canadians to get our copies in the newsstands, but I'm sure glad I have it between my hands now... I'm really thinking of getting the numeric version! You get it instantaneously, it's less expensive and better for the environment, to top it off my husband will be happy since their will be less magazines lying around the whole apartment. Ok, I think I just convinced myself!!!

Issue no.35 of Milk Magazine just came out and I'm in absolute LOVE with the cover... Have a look at the Cristallines spread, simply S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

Do you think Miss E will like to wear a paper collar? Or perhaps I could try to recreate this with fabric and starch!
You can read all about the Swarovski Elements and Children's Designers collaboration on the online magazine.

You can also get a free sneak-peek into the new issue ( ). This will give you a taste of what a numeric issue is like, not bad! I think I might be sold on the idea...

 Honestly, check it out, the Color block spread is so much fun and inspiring, you'll be glad you did!

I can't wait for the summer to come around and for us to loose our coats, hats and scarves already. 



La Petite Magazine issue 7... part I

La Petite Magazine Issue 7 just came out and here is a little taste of some of it's content. Amazing, no? You can expect to find some beautiful photo shoot, some great decorating tips, some fashion inspiration, even some DIY projects and so much more...

Don't forget to like La Petite on Facebook and subscribe to have a chance to win the La Petite Prize Pack (valued at 800.00$)... you know how much I love giveaways!

Just like you, I haven't seen the whole thing yet, so I'm grabbing a cup of coffee and I'll be back a little later with part II...

And last little detail, I helped out with the magazine this time around, I'll have more on that in part II, in the mean time I'll let you find out how I contributed... happy reading!




Papier Mache... ob la di ob la da.

Oh me oh my, I can't believe I forgot to tell you I got my Papier Mache magazine in the mail a couple of weeks ago and WOW! I could leave it at that... WOW! I love it, I love every page, it's by far my new favorite childrens printed magazine. The content, the photo shoots, the styling, the clothing even the blank pages are phenomenal. 

You forgot to get a copy, your in luck you can still buy Papier Mache from their online store.

I love these photos by Amanda Pratt and styled by their amazing Fashion editor Katelyn Mooney... This was my favorite shoot. 

If you'd like more, you can get an inside peak on the Papier Mache website and you should definety check out Katelyn Mooney's blog, it's awesome ( all the photos are from there).

I can't wait for te next issue already...



Babiekins... The little things.

Last week I told you how much I loved La Petite magazine, well this week I will tell you how much I love Babiekins issue no 7.... I like it a lot! This number is high in color and full of great ideas for the upcoming holiday season, from gift ideas for the whole family to easy to follow tutorials for making the perfect winter party. Every page is filled with inspiring images and dreamy backdrops, wether your looking for the perfect party dress or just a weekend outfit!

Here are just a few images to get you started...

I LOVE this segment... I've been looking for a way to showcase Mister M and Miss E's outfits on the blog, since they often wear the same things over and over, I think I might have found a way...Thank you Babiekins! How cute is this little girl? And that dress?

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite photo in all the 336 pages... If only Mister M could look half as cool!

Deborah Beau from Kickcan & Conkers does a really great segement called "What's Hot", "What's In" and "What's Now", I can assure you, if you are looking for some original gift items you will want to read her selection, she never disappoints. Actually, this issue is packed with amazing gift ideas.

This New Years photoshoot makes me smile and I love that party hat! To top it off there's a cute DIY piñata you'll want to make for your New Years party or any party for that matter...

The best thing about this issue, for me at least, is that I discovered a new vintage shop with the finest little dresses....

So what are you waiting for? Let me know what inspired you the most? I would love to know....
And I think you might really enjoy their blog too, i know I do!



La Petite...

La Petite Magazine, you probably know it by now, I've bragged about it on several occasions! It's one of my favorite online children's fashion & design magazine. Issue no 6 just came out and once again they cease to amaze, with every new issue comes better, more striking photo shoots and content.
What I love in this particular number was all the inspiration... It makes me want to dress my kids better, take better photos of them, decorate their rooms with more attention, it makes me want to be that much more creative. And if that isn't enough, I want to travel to where the mountains are and for my kids to have lot's of freckles with gorgeous red hair.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Their is so much much to discover in La Petite, new cool brands, some amazing tips to make your kids rooms extra special and even some fun, easy DIY tutorials (no sewing machine required). Guess which one I'm thinking of trying out?

All theses photos are just to get you in the mood... So, Grab a cup of coffee, get into a comfortable chair and get ready to be amazed.

Turn to page 244... Do you recognize anyone?

I was thrilled to be asked by Rachelle Wilde, the editor in chief, to contribute to the Gift Guide. I am so honored to be featured with such amazing and talented bloggers... I'm still blushing! So please, pretty please have a closer look at mine and everyone else's pick, you won't be disappointed...



PLOC... must read!

PLOC Magazine: The Happy Mag For Little Ones

I received my copy a few weeks ago and have been dying to do a review ever since. Seriously, where does time fly? While my fish is in the oven, I figured this was the right time to let you now just how amazing this  magazine truly is...

First it is illustrated by Alain Grée, an absolutely amazing artist who has been working since the 60's. He has published over 300 books and created some great characters, and now these cute animals, girls and boys come back to life in Ploc Magazine. The images are retro and vintage yet timeless!

Next, the stories are charming and educative. The games are fun and there are so many to choose from, such as counting, coloring, spot the difference...

Also, you can order you copy in French or English.

Now, the only problem is that this magazine so nice that Daddy Cool wants to hide it his magazine/ comic book collection! So when the next issue comes out I might have to order 2 copies, one for the kids to do as they please and fully enjoy all the amazing activities and one copy for Mommy and Daddy Cool... I'm sure these will become collectibles one day!

Mister M and even Miss E had a great time looking, playing, learning and reading through this little number and still do.
I H-I-G-H-L-Y recommend it... So what are you waiting for, get your copy here.

This magazine is recommended for kids between 3 and 8 years old. Now if you have older kids and are looking for a equally cool magazine check out the Anorak website for some really cool stuff...

I came across this interview on Grain Edit a few days after I got my copy of Ploc Magazine, check it out if you want to know a little more about the founders!