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DIY Boho Fringe Necklace


DIY Boho Fringe Necklace

Hello again friends! Holli here- I haven't been here in a while because I was busy having a baby, which means my time for creative ventures has significantly decreased with a newborn to care for. My sewing machine didn't see any use for months and I'm finally feeling able to do a bit of sewing and creating. I'm finding I need relatively quick and easy projects though, as my three girls are keeping me quite busy. 

This project, the Boho Fringe Necklace, is perfect for those who don't have  a lot of time to dedicate to a project. I made the entire thing, including photographing each step, during one nap! Sometimes you just need to make something, and this is an easy project to fill that creative void. With school now out for the summer this could also be a great project to do with school age kids- it's simple and only requires minimal materials and supervision, and my favorite part- it uses up scraps or old t shirts. Upcycling for the win! Ready to get started?


Old t shirts or knit scraps

Fabric scissors or rotary cutter and mat

Ruler (I used a clear quilting ruler with my rotary cutter and mat)


Click on the photos below to see each step!

1. Gather your fabric- I used old t shirts, but jersey knit scraps will work as well. 

2. Cut fabric- cut across the width of the shirts (or across direction of greatest stretch if using fabric scraps) into 1" strips. 

3. Remove seams- if using t shirts, cut the ends where the seams are. Each fabric loop will now be two fabric strips. 

4. Stretch- stretch each fabric strip so the edges roll, forming t shirt yarn.

5. Select string- choose a strand to be the base of the necklace. Make sure it is long enough to go over your head once tied. 

6. Attach center strand- select the color for the center of your fringe necklace. Fold it in half and lay the folded loop over the base strand. Loop the two ends behind the base strand and down through the loop. Pull tight. 

7. Attach the fringe- continue attaching each strand, working out from the center, until your fringe is as wide as you'd like. I used six strands on either side of the center strand- two of each color. 

8. Trim- cut the ends of the fringe to the desired shape

9. Tie the ends together and rock that statement necklace! 

I love how fun this necklace is- fun to make and fun to wear! You can change the look a lot by selecting different fabrics like fun prints or a monochromatic theme, by varying the lengths and shape you cut it to, and how many strands you use. You could even use a large link chain as the base and loop the strands through the links, or use a leather lace or thin rope for a totally different look! This one was quickly claimed by my 5 year old, but I'm hoping to make one for myself soon! 

I'd love to see your version of the Boho Fringe necklace- take a photo and tag me on instagram @hollicoats so I can see what you make! 





DIY: minimal masks


DIY: minimal masks

I thought I'd share this really simple DIY just in time for Halloween or in my house for a walk in the park! I'll show you how to make these basic and minimalist animal masks, but feel free to decorate and add on as much as your heart contents.

How did all of this get started, last year for Miss E

Birthday Party

I had set up a small table for the kids to create their own mask. 

I had pre-cut some mask in black & white, took out some color paper and makers and had the kid create their own little masterpieces. It was a great success. 

**P.S. this could be a great Halloween party activity too!

Then 2 weeks ago, I wanted to take some photos of the kids for my new kids collection for


and I thought it would be nice to add a fun element to the photo-shoot. I remembered I had a few of those blank masks left over from the


and thought it would be cool to create some Bunny and Cat masks to match the clothes. The masks came out great, the high fashion editorial shoot... not so great!!! It didn't help I forgot to charge my batteries and was left with an iPhone 4 to shoot, not that photography is part of my set of skills anyways. 

**Note to myself, hire a professional photographer for the spring-summer 2013 photo-shoot.

At least you got a tutorial from it!!!

What you might need... only because I give you a few options!

-Bristol Cardboard white or/and black

-Colorful paper




-Colored crayons or markers

-Elastic, ribbon or small stick.


First you will want to download the


file I created



Once they are printed you will need to cut the shape you would like to use, don't forget to cut out the eyes. This will be your template.


Trace the main mask and the eye holes onto your bristol cardboard. If you are using the ribbon or the elastic to attach your mask, then trace the small circles as well.


Cut all around, cut the eyes and poke a small whole in the tiny circles where your elastic or ribbon will go (I used the end of my scissors and pressed ever so gently).


Choose which animal you want to be, then you can cut a set of ears in the bristol board and cut a smaller set in the colored paper for the inner ear. You will see in the 


 file that I made a dotted line as a guide for the approximate size of the inner ears. Now glue the inner ears onto your bristol board ears.


Tape your ears on the backside of your mask. I tried gluying them but tape holds much better!

In order to avoid your ears from flapping back, you could add a bit of glue to the front part of your ears that is pressing against the mask. Be careful not to put too much glue or too high, specially on the black cardboard, it might show.

I highly recommend adding two pieces of tape where your ribbon or elastic will be passing through. This will avoid the cardboard from ripping and will make your mask longer lasting.

Have fun, go crazy and customize your mask. Do you see the boat in Mister M's masterpiece? He also only wanted his ears to be only blue, a little less resistant but nevertheless cute!


#1 You can attach a wooden stick with some tape to your mask. It gives it that photo-booth prop vibe!

Not so practical to play in though.

or #2 Attach your mask with a ribbon. I did this at Miss E's birthday party and had all kinds of different colors to choose from. It can be a nice added detail!

my favorite #3 The elastic! Stays in place nicely, the kids can put it on all by themselves.

Here is how I attached my elastic: pass the elastic through your tiny holes from the front to the back. Determine the length by placing the mask on your child's head and make a knot. Careful, don't make it too tight or too loose either!

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Feel free to change the shape of the eyes, make different ears, add some whiskers and rosey cheeks, or add some glitter, lot's of glitter!

We like ours simple, that way it goes with anyone of our outfits!!!