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PRODUCT of EVOLUTION: The pedal car...

It's Mister M birthday this week, so I was thinking of dedicating the week to the boys... My son loves his cars, so much so he usually sleeps with at least 2, if not 3 miniature ones every night. What little boy doesn't love cars? Imagine one they can actually drive around... Pedal cars have been around pretty much as long as cars, they were the most popular in the 1920's and 1930's and then again in the 1950's, there seems to be a regain in popularity lately as well!

Here's a little timeline I created...

Nowadays you can get a pedal car that looks like mom and dad's or you can get a reproduction of a vintage one, perhaps if you are lucky enough you can get a vintage pedal car in it's original state or suped-up! Take a look at these little numbers...

Most of these are available at Amazon or an other great store, for reproductions or vintage styled pedal cars, is Classic Pedal Cars you should really check out their online store.

Have you seen these modern pedal cars?

This one is by Audi and cost more than the car I drive!

This is the Morgan pedal car, only 500 where produced...

This is my favorite! A 1950's beauty, Miss E would rock this car... Check out this blog it has some great reproduction that were specially made for an auction a couple of years ago...

Seriously, they should reproduce this model by Velam it's AMAZING. It belongs to the Micro Car Museum.

Prices vary from 150$ to 20 000$.
How much would you be willing to pay?
Perhaps we should try to build one of our own this summer! First, what we need is a driveway or a backyard so the kids could actually use their pedal cars...



Spot the Dot...

Spot the Dot is one of Mister M's favorite I-Pad apps. This app was created by David A. Carter, perhaps you already know some of his pop-up books!

I would strongly recommend this fun, entertaining yet simple application for any toddler or preschooler.
It teaches colors and fine motor skills, and with every color, 10 in total, you get a knew and different challenge!
If your child happens to speak French, like mine, well it's a great way to learn English too!!!
The graphics are simple.
The music is pleasant.

If your not sure, get the lite version first, that's what we did! Trust me, it was a 3.99$ well spent, Mister M could spent hours on this game...

Good job David A. Carter!

I hope this keeps you busy over the weekend! Have a great one...



Pleased to meet you Cara Carmina...

I first saw these beautiful dolls way way back at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts book store, and immediately fell in love. So I was so delighted to see them again at a street fair a couple weeks ago when I was on vacation. However, I am upset for several reasons, first my camera batteries were dead, so I wasn't able to take any pictures.... Secondly I had no money on me, so I wasn't able to purchase one of these beauties for Miss E, secretly for me, but that goes with anything I buy Miss E...that's for some other post! And thirdly, I didn't get a chance to chat with the talented creator and mastermind behind Cara Carmina, my kids were having one of those days! Oh well thank god for the Internet, I was able to check Cara Carmina's blog here and her flicker photos here and I found these to share with you.... Look at all the details, the colors and fabric choices. You have got to love the Frida dolls, I know I do! I think I would get one those for Miss E since she also has a unibrow...
Good thing she has an Etsy store, so you and I can get our hands on one of her creations: dolls, jewelry, prints, notebooks... and look at how cute the packaging is! L'amour...
And finally, I am sure I will get to meet Norma some day soon, we do live in the same city after all, this time I'll make sure I don't just grab a business card and then leave it lying around on my desk for weeks, this time I'll try to say something proper like "pleased to meet you Cara Carmina"... Wouldn't you be?




Have you heard of Raplapla? Well what are you waiting for.... These are the coolest and cutest dolls ever! And they are made right here in Montreal! No worries, If you do not live here, well you can get yours online, or find them in a cool store near you... Raplapla has been a long time favorite of mine, I used to carry these in my little boutique (Mosspink) back in the days, at the very beginning. And now Erica sells her dolls and other creatures across the world! Watch out, these dolls have no neck, no ears, no elbows, not even a nose, but they have have the greatest smile, that won't wash away, and will keep you and your kids smiling for days... The animals and clowns are cute too! 
And if you are in Montreal, then you have to stop by and pay a visit,  the atelier-boutique is so charming... it's worth the detour!

69 rue Villeneuve Ouest
Montreal, Quebec, H2T 2R4

514 563 1209 –
Monday zzzz!
Tuesday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Closed on June 24th and July 1st, 2011.




I love dolls... I have always loved dolls and I am so glad to see that my little Miss E loves them almost as much as I do! There are so many kinds of dolls, so today I will share with you some of my favorite...

Jess Brown... These handmade rag dolls are just gorgeous! I especially love all the details that go into the clothing. She has done many collaborations with children wear designers, and so your kids can have a doll that matches their favorite designers outfits. They are 22 inches tall and you can choose wether you want the tea dyed muslin or the brown linen doll. You have many cute accessories to choose from as well. They start at 180$ US.

Wovenplay collaboration

Loup Charmant Collaboration
Erica Tov Collaboration

Atsuko et Akiko Collaboration

Nils & Happy to See You... these dolls are one of my new obsession, I love their expression! They are custom made, you can choose between 2 different sizes, skin color, hair color and outfit. You can also get the matching outfit for your kid, or get a pattern and make your own dolls clothes... Now if only I had 150 euros to spare! The website to order the dolls is at Happy to See You.

My Name is Simone... these dolls are created by Caroline Castagna-Suarez, and are perfect for the whole family! Bonus, they are made from 100% organic coton. Which is your favorite, the wrestler, the super hero, the nerd, the hipster? And the list goes on... My favorite are the"victime de la mode" series (see pictures below). You can buy them online at Smallable. You can expect to pay around 50$.

If you are looking for something more commercial, my favorites have to be the Corolle collection. These are from france and they have a variety of different kinds, from babies to plush. My favorite are the fashion dolls "Les Chéries". Miss E has 2 and loves them. Even Mister M likes them... he really enjoys undressing them!!!! You can buy some cute additional clothing separately. They cost approximately 45$.