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Coup de Coeur...

What better day than to share one of my new features... Coup de Coeur: just one image of something that made my heart sing.

Have you seen these Snow Globe rings by SHANNAM? Although these aren't intended for children, they are great for Mom's, as each ring traps a little scene, captures movement and makes for great story telling...

Happy Valentines Day!!!



Nice to meet you... Natacha Plano!

I'm always discovering new products, new collections, new designers, and I love to share all of it with you! Then, once in a while I discover something new and I get soooo excited to show it off, today is one of those days! I just came across Natacha Plano, an illustrator, graphic designer, painter who in her spare time time likes to make jewelry... Not just any jewelry, her pieces are entirely handmade with some delicate porcelaine which she then polishes and hand paints, making every piece unique. 

I am head over heels for these porcelaine doll pendants, I'm not sure if I would get one for Miss E or myself, maybe both! J'A.DO.RE!

I also love her black series... With the gold accents... L.O.V.E. 
These would make such wonderful gifts, don't you think?

Check out Nathacha Plano website for the entire line and vendors. 
All the photos are from this online shop.