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Color by Number no.07


Color by Number no.07

Must be the grey weather but i couldn't help but feel attracted to these colors this week. They all showed up in my Pinterest feed more or less one after an other, I must not be the only one looking for a bright and cheery environment! 

1. Lady in the headscarf.

Photo by Jose Villa Blog

 | I could totally take a trip to Cuba just about now!

2. Pink and green room.

Photo via Elle Decor

| Loving everything about this room, from the colors to the furniture. 

3. Rattan Lamps via

Serena & Lily

| Loving the basket feel to these lamps and their vibrant and color combinations.

4. Christmas table setting.

Photo by Sugar & Cloth

on Instagram | What a fun non traditional christmas table setting! 

5. Hallway.

Photo via My Scandinavian Home

| Everything about this Malmo home is amazing, I love that the hallway is such a contrast to the rest. 

I hope this get you inspired to add a pop of color here and there, maybe even for an outfit! Here is to a colorful winter! 




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Winter Wonders...

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? It has been warm, grey and rainy around here, quite unusual for this time of year and making it a little harder to get into that winter wonderland feeling. I've teamed up with Flora and Henri, on Pinterest, to bring you some of that magical winter inspiration. I would love it if you had a peek. It's a little bit Christmas but a whole lot of awesomeness. 

And if you are looking for a lovely place to do your online shopping, Flora and Henri has a great selection of clothes, toys, books and even a little something for you. I'll be doing most of my shopping there this year. 

So follow along ( Pinterest is being sneaky these days and not showing all my pins to everyone!) and repin some images to get you inspired too. See you there!

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There's a dark and a troubled side of life;
There's a bright and a sunny side, too;
Tho' we meet with the darkness and strife,
The sunny side we also may view.
Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side,
Keep on the sunny side of life;
It will help us every day, it will brighten all the way,
If we keep on the sunny side of life.
Tho' the storm in its fury break today,
Crushing hopes that we cherished so dear,
Storm and cloud will in time pass away,
The sun again will shine bright and clear.
Let us greet with a song of hope each day,
Tho' the moments be cloudy or fair;
Let us trust in our Savior always,
Who keepeth everyone in His care.
"Carter Family"

I've been trying my best to keep on the sunny side! I just keep singing that song and feel better already. Also we received our order of cute patches today from Belle Mine ( the egg up top is one of them). I bought the kids some plain lunch boxes and we plan on embellishing them with patches and things yet to be determines! This was my way to avoid a tantrum at the store when MissE wanted to get a pink sparkly princess one. 

So you can say I've been slightly obsessing over all thing eggy! I've had this Pinterest board for while, it started out being just yellow things I liked and is slowly morphing into my new monomania... Mark my words eggs are the next big thing! Of course pattern designer Andrea Lauren already knew that, in case you wanted to sew a little something sunny side up!

               Follow Celina Bailey | Petit a Petit's board ... Sunny Side Up ... on Pinterest.  

Send me your Egg inspired pins please and keep on the sunny side!

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Feeling Blue...

source unknown
Feeling blue... I feel like I have let you, my readers, down this year. This blog has seriously been neglected, I've been posting here and there but somehow I feel like I haven't given it my all and you've probably all have felt it. I must confess I haven't felt the most creative or very inspired this year. I really want to change that. So I am giving you a heads up, and let you know that there will be changes around here, nothing like a good clean up to get you inspired again. I have some new ideas I want to try and new goals I want to reach. I hope you will  come along for the ride with me and that you will find inspiration here once again.  

Today, I want to share with you my inspiration/ mood board for some outfits I will be posting about next week... I've been seeing a lot of blues lately and feeling like this trend is here to stay through this fall and next summer too. I am looking forward to playing more with dyes and playing around with bleach too in the coming months, something I've been itching to do for years. I am loving the mix of the dark blues with the pale ones... be sure to come back Monday to see my outfits. Also, there will be 2 book reviews and a giveaway as well! 

Image Source : Dark Florals ( unknown), Powder Face, Swimming, Curtains, Shirts, Light Floral

Have a great weekend!
xx Celina



Color by Numbers no.06

Oh I haven't done an installment of Colors By Numbers is ages, I love doing these collages because I end up discovering so many artist, shop, recipes and so much more. And to top it off they inspire me tremendously. Winter has officially started here in Montreal and boy oh boy Mother Nature forgot what the word transition is! It's only mid November and I am already longing for the warm summer months which I guess is why I have been so attracted to these colors. Actually I've been craving these colors for a while and I think it's time I used them together to create something... maybe something a little wintery. I bought some mustardy/ gold wool yesterday and now I need to dig out those knitting needles. Mmmm, maybe a gold, pink and red hat could be fun! I will keep you posted. 

Starting from the upper left corner...

PLUM PRINT - Ana Zaja Petrak makes some lovely illustration of fruits and other things, check out her work HERE.

NUMBER 12 - This awesome and vibrant photo is by Matthias Heiderich. His work is so inspirational, if you are looking to add lines and color to your photography he is definitely one to check. Amazing stuff!!! 

CONFETTI - Get your confetti poppers at Urban Outfitters for the upcoming holidays or just to take some crazy cool photos! Available at Urban Outfitters

BIRD - Nature amazes me! More wonderful birds taken by José Antonio Yee Photography HERE.

DRESS - Celine  is one of my favourite designers. I just love the textures and colors in this outfit from their Summer 2015 Ready To Wear collection. Oh and check out the pompom pants while you are there! 

BEET SALAD - I hear beets are good for fighting depression, I think I be making this all winter long! Recipe HERE

COOL KIDS - I love this photoshoot, cool and sophisticated just my style. I need to make Mister M some plum colors pants! Via an old issue of  Papier Mache Magazine. I actually just bought the latest issue, can't wait to read it! 

ART PRINT - Oh I am loving all the prints in this shop called INALUXE.  So many lovely ones to chose from and perfect to brighten your walls. 

TOP PHOTO - I am a little intrigued by double exposure photos these days and really want to give it a try, I just have no idea where to start! I think I might google it or just keep on staring at all of CHRIS LAWRENCE amazing photos. 

And it just dawned on me that I've already created something with this color palette, check it out HERE. Clearly I am a little obsessed with it! Oh but it won't stop me from using it again and again. 

Happy Wednesday! 




Have you checked out the latest issue of STYLO yet? I know, I know, I should be the first one to tell you about it and always end up being the last! Ha. After many months of hard work, we are really proud to present you with the Golden issue

For those who don't know what STYLO is, it's the first fashion forward eMagazine centered around children's sewing patterns and style. All sewn and styled by the most incredibly talented contributing editors, women we love and admire that truly give homage to the timeless art of sewing.  Our focus is on modern patterns, trends, fabrics, and clothes that you and your kids will love. 

If sewing is not your thing, you can still find lots of inspiration from the beautiful styling and photography. You will also find interviews with small indie designers and some wonderful handmade gifts ideas for the kids. Let's not forget the great DIY's & tutorials, as well as the beautiful watercolors. 

Pages and pages created to inspire you. 

So grab a coffee, find a comfy chair and hop on over HERE. I hope you love it! 



For Me: Fallin'

I've Fallin', fallen in love with the above image. I've been craving some autumn clothes for me, some deep hues and lot's of textures. Maybe it's the shorter days or the constant rain we've been getting. I didn't do too well with my new years resolution of sewing more for myself this year. I did manage to make a yellow outfit in february, a dress this summer and I have a post coming up next month. I guess that is better than last year when I made myself a skirt. I think maybe I needed the right inspiration. I just came across a cropped version of the above image on Pinterest and almost fell of my chair. I LOVE this soooooo much. I wish I had somewhere to go where I could wear a red woolen lace dress with socks and heels and an oversized copper coat. I was immediately drawn to this image, I think a big part was the colors. I pulled the colors out for some extra inspiration. I might try and see if I can find some similar tones in my existing wardrobe or perhaps save it to my phone for the next time I go shopping. I thought that maybe you too could use the inspiration. 

I went looking for the source of the image and came across UNO, a model agency website and got to see the rest of the photoshoot. These were taken with model Marta Dyks for L'Officiel Paris last fall. It's beautifully styled and photographed. I love the oversized silhouettes, the mix of textures such as the plaid and sequins and I have a soft spot for sandals and socks, what can I say! Some pretty great mommy style wouldn't you say? 




Hobby Horse... Idee Fixe... Monomania. A new feature were I will share what I am obsessing over at the moment.

If you follow me on Pinterest, then this might be of no surprise to you. This week... drum roll please.... it's the WATERMELON.

Maybe it's the heat or the great color combination or maybe I am not the only one!

Click on the images below and pin directly from my blog- how cool is that?

Follow Celina Bailey's board ... pastèque ... on Pinterest.

How about you, what is your latest obsession? I might start a new board!



Downton Sewing with Jeanne Lanvin

Who here is a fan of the t.v. series Downton Abbey? I think it's the only television show I watch,  besides the wonderful drama and characters, what can I say I am a huge fan of the clothing. I kind of wish I was born in the 1900's. So it's no wonder I accepted to be on Elisa's, of Charming Doodle, sewing series dedicated to t.v. show : Downton Sewing. 
I am a little, actually very disappointed I wasn't actually able to sew for it, instead I hope to bring you some inspiration and share one of my favorite designers- Jeanne Lanvin. 

source: Vogue

The best way to get inspire to sew for a series like Downton Sewing is to go to the source, I love to do research about the era and study the different looks. If I am sewing for my children I like to see what they wore at the time. So today I would like to introduce you to an amazing trail blazer when it comes to children's fashion and woman fashion designers in general: Jeanne Lanvin. 

Jeanne Lanvin started started working as a seamstress and millinery apprentice at the age of 13, it wasn't until her mid 20's that she opened her own millinery shop and The House of Lanvin opened in 1909. Jeanne Lanvin had 2 loves, her daughter Margueritte and her business. 

When her daughter was born, she became Lanvin's source of joy, pride and inspiration. She started making her daughter clothes which began to attract lot's of attention. Soon she was making and selling children's clothing- she was one of the first children's wear designer and couture house for kids. 
It wasn't long until she was making dresses for the mothers too and so began her journey in the world of fashion. There were also very little successful woman's fashion designer at the time. What I admire the most about Lanvin is that she was foremost a mother and that she was able to turn that love and admiration for her daughter into a creative force.

You can see some of her designs in the illustrations up top. The big bows, hats and coats. Lot's of A-line cuts, drop waist and pleats, as well as full skirts. Many amazing details such as intricate embroideries and flowers adorned the clothes. As for the colour palette, I find it interesting, there are lot's of pinks and whites as well as reds and dark blues and blacks.
You can see one of Lanvin's dresses in the photo below and a close up of one of the flowers on the dress as well. I highly suggest you google Jeanne Lanvin, not only will you see some amazing children styles but the best in fashion of the times. Since she started as a milliner you will be inspired head to toe.

So many of the Lanvin style are very adaptable and would make some lovely clothes for todays market. A few of my favorite designers, such as Pale Cloud, Caramel Baby & Child, Marilyn Tov have done a great job at borrowing elements from the Lanvin times and making them contemporary. Albert Elbaz has recently re-launched the Lanvin children's line which you can see here or to see some editorial photos check out Bellisima.

Perhaps you are like me and love the styles of the 20's and 30's, then I think you will love this book by Lanvin, most of the images came from that book.  It's one of my favourites. Every time I flip through it I am amazed, the details and work that went into clothing then is breathtaking.

So what will you be sewing for your kids inspired by Downton Abbey? I love it all, although I absolutely love the green dress with the scallop edge and the big bow on the pocket, I might have to make my own version of that.

Elisa has put together some really amazing giveaways during her tour. I strongly suggest you check her blog CHARMING DOODLE for all the details and some amazing inspiration too.

Here is what you can win today…
There will be THREE winners and each will receive a different package of fun goodies! All three winners will be given a copy of Violette Field Thread's Coco Mittens pdf sewing pattern. In addition, one winner will get a yard of fabric from Andover Fabric's Downton Abbey collection, one will get a hat pdf sewing pattern of their choice from Elsewhen Millinery, and the third winner will receive a copy of The Ultimate Apron pdf sewing pattern from CharmingDoodle.

So what are you waiting for and enter the rafflecopter below….

You can sew along using the #downtonsewing and don't forget to check out everyone's posts…. just click on our photos!

Image Map




Today I am sharing some Halloween costume Inspiration as part of this fun little series: Handmade Halloween. When Palak asked me to join in the fun I just could't refuse! Halloween is one of the first memories I have of moving to Canada, some 32 years ago and after that first round of trick or treating I was hooked! And it wasn't for the candy- I used to store that away and it took me a year to eat it. It was definitely for dressing up.

Really, any excuse to dress up is a good one in my books. So it's no wonder I love Halloween so much.  I get such a quick making my kids costumes, they always have the best souvenirs and are super proud of what we've accomplished. It helps that they won the neighbourhoods 1 & 2 place 2 years ago. And last year they were big enough to realize what was going on a little better. You can see photos of partly cloudy and the shuffle bot here from 2 years ago and of Elvis and his Flamingo here for last year. 
***Note to myself: finish your costumes at least the night before so you can take some decent photos to blog about!

We talk about what we are going to wear all year long, I think they love it to because they are always are involved in the process. I usually ask the kids what they want to dress up as. I do give some guidelines and usually we'll do a little google research too. I absolutely love to look at old vintage photos for inspiration- you might remember my circus costume and so I thought of sharing some of my favourites. 

How cute is that bubble bee costume up top? Now this is a dress your daughter can wear again- are they pleats or gathers? And the wings? Oh! Ever so delicate. For more Vinatge Geisha photos check this site out.

Miss E is crazy for horses. What a great idea this is horse costume! It looks totally crazy on her, but imagine on a cute little kid.  Don't be surprised if you see me try to make something similar!

How funny is this airplane costume? With a little imagination, this could be a great Halloween costume for little boys and girls. For more crazy costumes you have to check this post!

Oh! I just love the collar and sparkle in this Harlequin costume, it is so glamourous. Don't forget the pompoms on the shoes. Photos of Claudette Colbert.

This is one of my all time favourites costumes. This Giraffe I'll have to try one day. You should check out all of Charles Eames Toys, they are phenomenal. 

Those wings are spectacular. Miss E almost went as a swan last year, but instead she went as a flamingo. I wish I had seen this bird costume before. 

If I show this to Mister M, I think he might just change his mind. These astronauts are too stinkin' cute and so are all the images on this blog.  

I love the simplicity of this star costume. I wish I had the source of the image- let me know if you know where it's from.

Here is another bird/ swan costume. There is a little swan lake ballerina vibe going, as well as an Alexander McQueen one. What little girl would't love this? I found this via Tumblr, but cannot find the original source- it's very hard with vintage images sometimes. 

How about dressing up as a majorette? I would make this jacket wearable all year round. Maybe the whole family could go as a Marching Band? 

I'll be posting many more Halloween ideas over the month so be sure to pop in once in a while. I have these posts from last year which are still fun and full of inspiration: In Need For Some Inspiration & The Iconics.

And the lovely ladies organizing this series, Palak & Heather, have put together an awesome Giveaway with lot's of fun prizes- read all about it HERE. And you can enter right here on the blog if you wish.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out what everyone else has been talking about- it is one awesome line up of great bloggers who are full of inspiration! 

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Color by Numbers no.5

Are you dreaming of sunsets by the beach? I am! We had a lovely weekend with temperatures above zero and today we have plunged back into winter freezing land. Wasn't mother nature told it was April or is this her playing a joke on us? April Fool's day was yesterday after all!

Seriously, are you looking for some great colors to mix and match this summer- try a mixture of gold and any tone from sand to brown- throw in the mix some coral and peachy pinks and you are set. Oh and look that color grey is back- it's staple this summer something you go add to any color combination and outfit.
Also,  you can't go wrong putting a darker color with it's pastel, it has to be this summers best color combination-  why not dress in coral and pink head to toe and accessorize with some gold. This even works for the boys in your life- now if only Mister M had red hair!!!

Images Source:

- How lovely is that painted wall from Tuscany? For more photos check out Kinky Blue Fairy.

- I am in love with this Nico Nico dress- such a perfect summer dress don't you think? It's available at Darling Clementine.

- Have you seen the Mini & Maximus new collection yet? As cool as always! Sun and surf...

- Love everything New Friends does- it makes be want to build a weaving loom and make wall decorations or baskets for all my friends. This particular one has such nice colors. 

- How gorgeous is this boy- I love his red hair and how well t complements his pink shirt. These photos are from last summers Kidcase collection which I found via Smudgetikka- you might to check this years collection too. 

- This gauze tutu by Atsuyo et Akiko is so much fun- love how bright the pink is and it has some sweet gold ties too. It's available at Couverture and the Garbstore- check this store out, it has an amazing selection. 

- Love love love these wooden bow ties! They are oh so sweet, simple and yet so effective. Great for the whole family!!! All done by Tilda Bel.

- This Max and Lola dress is adorable, the lace overlay is such a nice detail and just makes the dress ever so special. It's available at Little Fashion Gallery- watch out they always have the best selection! 

Hopefully this post will bring some sun our way!!!!