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My First Sewing Project...

"Little things, make big days" 
Isabelle Marant 

We picked up this "make your own felt doll" kit while in Paris over the summer. We had started it then but didn't get around to finishing it until a couple of weeks ago. This was MissE's first attempt at sewing. She was so determined, concentrated and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when she finished her little doll. Once she started she just had to finish. Of course she had moment of frustration, but with a little help from me we ended up with a cute doll and a very happy and proud kid. 

I was surprise how concentrated she was, we took only a few breaks. She learnt a few different ways to hand stitch. I was amazed how patient and precise she was. 

I helped MissE start and finish the ends, as well as stuffing the doll and adding the buttons. I am sure I could have let her do more.

It was a pretty relaxing way to spend a saturday morning. 

I only wish the quality of the felt was better in this kit, it's really too bad to spend so much time, only for the doll to fall apart only days after. MissE knows she fragile and takes good care of her. Her brother on the hand doesn't quite understand what delicate means! Thanks for stepping on her with your wet boots the other day. 

We will definitely be finding more sewing projects for the kids, MisterM was really interested too. If you have any kits or tutorials you've found to be fun and helpful pass them along in the comments! Thanks. 



Sleepy King... Cuteness Overload

Sleepy King is a small shop with the cutest handmade plushes, pillows, accessories and wall hangings. Everything is made by the designer in California with love, attention to detail and sustainability in mind. 

I love the little embroideries and the colors, I love the simplicity and the happy feeling these give me. Looking for some one of a kind gifts? Check out Sleepy Kings webshop for more cuteness overload. 



Looking for Dolls...

Panda by 
MissE asked Santa for a doll. She says she doesn't know what kind of doll he will bring her, but she has a pretty good idea of the doll she wants. I was hoping it would be one of the following...

Molly Dolly Mouse by 
Brunette Doll by 
Beautiful Fox by 
Lucy by 

Penelope by 
 Handmade Angel by 
Lovely Brunette by 
Mermaid Cat by SaraRosettaHandmade 
France OOAK doll by 
Unicorn & Bunny by 
 Max by 
A Eco Friendly Felt Cat by 
or perhaps one of my all time favourites a Jess Brown Doll.

But no, she wants an American doll! What is a mom to do? 



Little Kings

Oh I am having baby fever and these handcrafted shoes are not helping! How gorgeous are these funky are these high top booties?

Check out the Little King's website for all the different lovely styles, from sneakers to ballerina's. I am just loving the colors and textures. High fashion for babies done the right way. Seriously, these are just too cool! Is it bad that I want a pair for myself?

found via this pin.



Chapter 2

Handmade kids shoes, need I say more? Especially when they are soooo good looking! Chapter 2 is designed and created  by a wife and husband duo. Their shoes are confectioned in their in-house studio in London. The styles are unisex, so perfect for boy & girls. Although timeless in shape they combine fun colors as wellas quirky details on their soles to prevent slippage.

You can choose from  the Humbug, the Serpent, the Achilles or the Balmoral in a shoe or boot. I think the Balmoral might be my favourite.  They also have a lovely selection of belts. 

You can also check out more of the great photoshoot by the very talented Michelle Marshall here. 

Now if only I could win the lottery- a girl can dream right? 



I HEART: Cabbages and Kings

I am sucker for knits and when they are this sumptuous... what can I say! Cabbages & Kings sure knows how to combine colors and patterns to give your kids the coolest scarfs & leg warmers. 

Cabbages & Kings is base out of NYC and all of the accessories are handmade by Peruvian artisans which all work with a network that helps strengthen the capacities of local and base communities. So well designed, beautifully handcrafted and ethical! Let's not forget super soft and hypoallergenic. Awesome!

As always, Alexa did a great job at designing the Fall 2013 collection. It's great that it is unisex, perfect for boys and girls.  I am loving the grey and yellow scarf and oatmeal leg warmers, oh wait the baby blue and red patterned scarf is pretty cool too! Perfect accessories for layering on those cold days ahead.
Are you getting ready for winter? Bring it on! ok, not just yet...

Check out the collection on their website, you can shop there too!



Mommy+Me= ACE & JIG


 What makes a garment outstanding? Is it the design or perhaps the workmanship? In my opinion, you can have something amazing but unless the fabric is spectacular, well then the garment just can't be outstanding.
Ace & Jig happens to be outstanding, their designs, workmanship & fabric are all amazing. The fabric is hand-woven and dyed in India with the upmost attention and skill.  The first time I saw their woman's collection I fell in love- their oversized red gingham caught my eye and I've been a huge fan even a bit of a stalker... I follow them everywhere, Pinterest, Facebook and IG. Consequently I discovered they were about to launch their first kids collection- and look it's now available, how exciting!

 You know the collection will appeal to your kids when two moms get together to create it. Jenna & Cary ( photo up top) are the creative force behind Ace & Jig, they each have two kids and after having all the moms from their neighborhood nag them about starting a kids line, they felt the pressure and finally did. I can't thank the moms of Park Slope- Brooklyn enough!!!

The silhouettes are simple and comfortable, perfect for everyday use. Of course they used their gorgeous fabric, the colors and textures are just lovely. Most items are unisex, which I think is brilliant, perfect for handing down from kid to kid no matter what they are.

 The woman's collection is simply stunning- I'm not sure which pattern I like best! The styles are just as lovely, dressing up in the morning would become such a breeze. I love the loose fitting tops, the jackets as well, both of these paired with a t-shirt and jeans and you look fabulous! I'm a sucker for jumpsuits- how great is the Ace & Jig one? It's just all effortlessly cool. One of each, please!

You might want to follow Ace & Jig on Facebook, just so next time they have a fun event you won't miss it. They recently had a Warm Weaving event, were the kids used some of the Ace and Jig scraps to make some crafts of their own. Oh how I would have loved to get my hands on some of those scraps, they would make the best looking weaving crafts, that's for sure.
Oh what I wouldn't do to live in NYC! Seriously.

The collection is available at a few different places, even Canada, check out their website- you can buy online too.
Thank you Jenna & Carry for making the fashion industry that much better!



The Elsie & Co Circus 1913-2013... Knock It Off Series

I'm very excited about todays post!!! I have been invited by the ever so talented and amazing Heidi of Elegance & Elephants to take part in her series entitled Knock It Off. Maybe you remember the bear hoodies (here & here) I did the last time! 

Well this time I've gone a complete different route and decided to knock off, as best I could, this amazingly inspiring and stunning vintage circus suit. You might remember me blogging about it over a year ago, I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make Miss E a replica. So that week, back in 2012, I went out bought the fabric, rhinestones and feather hoping to make it that weekend. One thing led to another... Here we are one year later and I finally got around to putting this costume together all thanks to Heidi.

I realize it isn't identical... there are a few things that got in way. First, the rhinestones are expensive, secondly they are heavy, so I decided to put a few less. Next I had a hard time finding the exact fabric, specially for the bottom. I found a shiny fabric I thought could do the trick and bought the rest around it, basically a peau de soie which is really silky and soft and a breeze to sew.

I'm pretty sure there are over 1000 rhinestones, every single one was glued one at a time. I created the star and scallop with some pink felt and glued the rhinestones over it. I prayed it would hold and even after the photo session only 1 fell off. Victory!!! I used a glue called jewel-it, apparently the stones will stay on even after the wash. Hmmm, we'll have to see about that!

I love that I was able to knock this vintage suit off, I am so happy I took on the challenge and made it my own. I have to say I was a little nervous, I wasn't sure how it would turn out, if it would look anything like the original, if I'd be able to make it as special.

It wasn't till the very end when Miss E tried it on that I realized how proud I was... the smile on her face might have helped just a little!

She was so very excited, all that shine and pink tones... she loves it! She asked me if she could wear it for Halloween... we might have to go down to Florida next fall! 

 A little magic can take you long way.... I hope Miss E feels a little magic every time she wears her circus suit. There is nothing like the power of the imagination and a little sparkle too! 

Stay tuned for The Elsie & Co Traveling Circus, presenting the largest and grandest show in the world. Don't miss the wonderful, extraordinary and magical Miss E on the tight rope with her roaring lions, trained herd of elephants and educated horses. The whole entertainment will be found moral, instructive and amusing. Enjoy the show!



Roly Poly- 4 Seasons... Blog Tour & Giveaway

I was busy last week, having fun with a new pattern I received from the talented Rachael of Imagine Gnats. She recently came out with her first PDF Pattern the Roly-Poly, it's a pinafore, a tunic, why not even a dress. It's a simple pattern- great for a first sewing project, and yet the possibilities are endless. There are a few things you can choose to do, such as add pockets, sew it in 1 or 3 pieces, make it reversible- for me he beauty of this pattern, is how it showcases the fabric beautifully and really becomes a canvas for you to play with.

I entitled my Roly-Poly, the 4 Seasons.

On one side, you have the summer blue sky and the sea with a little sun shining through.

I cut my fabric out of 1 pattern piece, extended the back straps so I could used them as closure instead of buttons and put the buttonholes on the front of the tunic.

I had so much fun Dip Dyeing my fabric. I cut out my piece first, which is the same fabric as the reverse, then I proceeded to the dyeing process. I dipped most of my fabric into my solution. Unfortunately, the front panel fell inside my pot, I was a little upset as I wanted some of the beige fabric to show on the center front- I ended up bleaching that a little at the end! I gradually lifted my fabric from my solution and then added some darker dye for the bottom half- going through the same process. I think it turned out pretty well. I added some hand embroidered details to it finish of.

On the reverse side I get this sense and a feeling of fall. The tones and colors of the floral print are deep and saturated and for some reason made me think this would be great to wear as a layering piece when the colder months come around. I really love the idea of wearing this piece all year round.  

I bought this fabric at my local fabric store over a year ago, I fell in love with the print and the colors, I also loved how soft and light weight it was.  Initially I was going to make a skirt with it for me- I can't remember the last time I made myself something! This turned out much, much better! The print ran along the side of the fabric, so I cut my pattern against the grain and used the other half of the for the reverse side of the Roly-Poly- it all fit perfectly in the meter I had.
There wasn't much more I needed to do on this side, beside let the Roly-Poly pattern and fabric work well together!

I wasn't crazy about my color choices at first, I felt like both sides of the tunic didn't quite work well together. What was I thinking making both sides completely different! Once I sewed the pieces together it ended up looking just fine. This pattern was such a pleasure to put together and sew, I can see myself making many more in the near future. I used Miss E's measurements to figure out the sizing, I ended up making the size 3 and lengthening it to size 4, I could have made a size 4 since the fit is loose and the extra fabric crossed over in the back anyway. Next time!

Really, is there a better way to wear your Roly-Poly?

The pattern is available for purchase on the Imagine Gnats ETSY store. I strongly recommend you check it out and have a go at it...
Rachael has generously offered one of my readers the chance to win the pattern... So fill out the Rafflecopter, leave a comment, come like us on FB and Pinterest and this PDF pattern could be yours. I'll announce the winners on Saturday- Good Luck. XX
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to check out all the other wonderful Roly Poly Pinafores popping up on the web and lot's more to come this week... It will give you such a sense of how much can be done with this pattern and you can witness how much talent is out there too!

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