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I MADE: Charles Chaplin in The Kid- Halloween Edition

How was you Halloween? We had lovely time under the rain! At least it wasn't too cold.
This year the kids chose to go as Charlie Chaplin and The Kid, probably the easiest costumes I've put together to date... a little sewing and some closet finds.

I cannot tell you how many time my kids have seen this movie. They love it! They had the idea of dressing up this way over the summer and we kind of forgot about it. Last week I was planning on making Berry and the Hamburger from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I am so happy we went back to our original idea!

First up is Charlie. This was easy! I bought the hat, it was a little big so Mister M wore a tuque underneath. The moustache I also purchased, but I cut it down to look like Charlie's. The white shirt and pants are mine. The vest and jacket are Mister M's. The tie is from my color block tutorial, so I guess I sewed that! And the shoes I found at the thrift shop, they are big so we put a pair of his shoes inside. I insisted he wear his rain boots, but Mister M refused.

He was very serious the whole time and quite in character. Didn't say much either, except thank you!

Miss E's costume I sewed. You can read all about the pants here. The sweater was thrifted and somewhat shrunk. I made the hat. It was a little big, so I just put a safety pin. I will have to put an elastic in it when I have time.

Watch out for the kid! He might be cute but he is quite feisty. Miss E loved being a "bad" boy. She even wanted me to make her some cardboard stones so she could break some cardboard windows- in miss E's words. She also didn't want to change into her pj's and was happy when I told her she could wear the pants when ever she wanted!

These two love each other... they really do.

I just loved this photo, to bad it was under exposed. I still think it's pretty cool! 

Since the kids took their roles seriously, they couldn't talk! So I made them little signs that they held up at every door... "Trick or Treat!". 

Despite the bad weather we had fun, it was quick round but we got more candy than we needed. Came home early and the kids really enjoyed giving out the candy. We ran out at 7:30- I got more candy than last year and we gave them out faster!!!