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My First Sewing Project...

"Little things, make big days" 
Isabelle Marant 

We picked up this "make your own felt doll" kit while in Paris over the summer. We had started it then but didn't get around to finishing it until a couple of weeks ago. This was MissE's first attempt at sewing. She was so determined, concentrated and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when she finished her little doll. Once she started she just had to finish. Of course she had moment of frustration, but with a little help from me we ended up with a cute doll and a very happy and proud kid. 

I was surprise how concentrated she was, we took only a few breaks. She learnt a few different ways to hand stitch. I was amazed how patient and precise she was. 

I helped MissE start and finish the ends, as well as stuffing the doll and adding the buttons. I am sure I could have let her do more.

It was a pretty relaxing way to spend a saturday morning. 

I only wish the quality of the felt was better in this kit, it's really too bad to spend so much time, only for the doll to fall apart only days after. MissE knows she fragile and takes good care of her. Her brother on the hand doesn't quite understand what delicate means! Thanks for stepping on her with your wet boots the other day. 

We will definitely be finding more sewing projects for the kids, MisterM was really interested too. If you have any kits or tutorials you've found to be fun and helpful pass them along in the comments! Thanks. 



Looking for Dolls...

Panda by 
MissE asked Santa for a doll. She says she doesn't know what kind of doll he will bring her, but she has a pretty good idea of the doll she wants. I was hoping it would be one of the following...

Molly Dolly Mouse by 
Brunette Doll by 
Beautiful Fox by 
Lucy by 

Penelope by 
 Handmade Angel by 
Lovely Brunette by 
Mermaid Cat by SaraRosettaHandmade 
France OOAK doll by 
Unicorn & Bunny by 
 Max by 
A Eco Friendly Felt Cat by 
or perhaps one of my all time favourites a Jess Brown Doll.

But no, she wants an American doll! What is a mom to do? 


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Coup De Coeur No.20

I am a little or should I say very jealous of Bunny's wardrobe. I think Bunny definitely win an award for best dressed, best complexion and most amazing ears. 
I really don't have much more to add besides I LOVE everything about little Miss Bunny. 

You can discover the wonderful blog behind Bunny's creator Marine over at Navy Plum, not only will you discover more of Bunny's outfits but you can discover many more of Marine's creations and some of her great photos. Also, you can see more of bunny on THIS Pinterest Board. 

I think I might just try and replicate a few of these outfits for myself now! 

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Flora and Henri by Jess Brown

You probably know how much I LOVE Jess Brown Dolls, I've talked about them before and you probably know how much I LOVE Flora & Henri too- it's just the coolest little online store. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out about the "Flora" and "Henri" Jess Brown Dolls! Yup, pretty excited indeed. The dolls are wearing one of Flora & Henri signature piece, the nona drawstring sweater. So now your baby and doll can wear matching outfits! 

So for the entire month of February, anyone who shops at automatically receives an entry into the drawing for the inaugural pair of extraordinary ‘flora’ and ‘henri’ jess brown dolls. How fun is that? 
Check it out, Flora & Henri are having their biggest sale of the year and you can also get some of their classic styles or have a look a few pre-spring items have arrived! 

Happy Shopping and Good Luck! 

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Show & Tell... a family affair

Show and tell... I tell you a little about me and show you something cool related to what I told you!
It has been a sad week around here, my great aunt passed away on monday and it really got me thinking- thinking about family and how important it is to me. I'm not just talking about my close family, I'm talking about cousins and distant cousins, aunts and uncles. It got me thinking that I would love, one day, to bring my kids to meet all of my cousins, aunts and uncles who all live overseas. And most importantly, I'd love for them to meet my dad and grandmother. I also realized, that as much as I love the idea of moving away to New York or Japan or where ever, I don't like the idea of being far from my mom and sister and I would be sad if my kids didn't get to play with their cousins. All this to say, family is and always has been important to me wether they are near or far, they are always in my thoughts and heart.

So today, I thought it would be nice to share with you a family owned buisness- where mother and daughters work together in perfect harmony to bring us and our kids the cutest, coolest Robots ever: EBK Robots.

Oh! and even the husbands and kids are involved- here is how they describe themselves:
Jen: Robot whisperer and lover of rainbows.
Becky: Robot maker, boogie shaker and kickin' grandma—don't mess with her!
Sara: head Robot guru and design ninja master.
Dave: Robot beauty maker.
Ellie, Jonah, Nathan, Evan: Robot Testers + Grilled Cheese eating machines.

All the products, robot pluhes and bags are handmade in the US with lots of care and love.

Mister M is the proud owner of the blue Robot bag you see above and carries it everywhere. I can't believe we've had it for almost 2 years and it looks as good as new.

What's great about the EBK robots, is that they are suitable not only for the boys but for the girls too- they come in all the colors of the rainbow and they make formreally great gifts too, for any age really.

I'd love to adopt a family of little robots, wouldn't you?

Now is your chance, get 25% off with code SPRING at checkout- offer is available until sunday March 7th.




++ My Handmade Doll ++

Every year for Christmas I make some handmade gifts, usually I end up trying a craft new to me and scramble to make it the night before. This year was no exption, 2 days before the 24th, I decided I would finally sew up the waldorf

doll kit

I had purchased for Miss E almost 2 years ago. I have been so nervous sewing up this doll, that it has taken me 2 years to build up the courage to go at it. Of course, this was intended to be a surprise and so I sewed two night in a row while the kids were sleeping and 10 hours later came up with this little- not so little doll.

I bought the

doll kit


Weir Crafts

, it comes with everything you need, some great instructions and even some clothing patterns. She stands 20 inches tall, allmost as tall as Miss E, and as of now has 2 full outfits in her wardrobe.

Perhaps you noticed that her

polka dot blouse

is practically the same as the one I sewed up for Miss E for


. I even trying a little smocking at 2 am! I had so much fun making the little clothes, I'm pretty sure her wardrobe will grow quickly...

I only wish my embroidery skills were a little better, I think her eyes could be bigger and a little closer to her nose. I might try and re-do them, but I'm afarid of ruining the whole thing. Or maybe I could just make another or two or three! Yup, I'm totally hooked.

Miss E LOVED her so much, the reaction she had when she opened her gift was priceless and well worth the sleepless nights- I couldn't help but cry.



Coup de Coeur no.15

I wasn't going to post anything today, honestly since the shooting on Friday my heart and mind have been elsewhere.... but I just had to share these lovely handmade dolls as they made me smile today. I thought we could all use a little cheering up!

These lovely handmade dolls are created by Huey Ling, all the way from China and you can see her creative journey and collection on her lovely blog: POCOLEIZI.

Thank you Malu for sharing.



Nice To Meet You: JESS BROWN

I can't believe we are almost in the month of December and I hardly talked about all the amazing things I saw at the gift show back in august! Get ready for lot's of great gift ideas and finds in the next couple of weeks.

I've talked about Jess Brown before, but I just had to let you know that they are a lot more beautiful in person. Can you believe it! The details that go into making these one of kind dolls is remarkable. The quality of the materials, the stiching, the dying, the hand embroidered face, all sublime. I was a fan before and now that I've held one in my hands, I'm obessed!

If the Jess Brown dolls are new to you, I thought you might want to know a few things that make these dolls truly unique. Everydoll is handmade in California by Jess Brown and some local artisan, each one is made from muslin which is hand dyed in persian black tea which gives every doll a unique skin tone. All the clothing is handmade from recycled and antique fabrics. They are stuffed with sustainable corn filling. They stand 22 inches tall, which I surprised to see and quite tall. You can buy the dolls on the webshop and you can even get one custom made.

If you can't afford a doll, you can always get the book "Kiki & Coco" in paris, one of my kids favorites... you can read all about it here!

 I have to say it was nice meeting you, a highlight for me at The NYC gift show!!! And I'm sure this won't be the last time I showcase some Jess Brown dolls, hopefully one of my own next time!




Oh me oh my, have you seen these lovely dolls before? They are new to me and I just can't enough! I've been staring at them all day, so many little details to admire and each one has a unique personality. I love their funky outfits and all the accessories that acompany them. All handmade by Julie De Gruchy East, you can call her Julo, in England and inspired by her travels and the people she meets.
These would make a lovely gift, for small and big kids (like me), and they are just as great for girls and boys, don't you think?

To see more and to buy these lovely anthropomorphic dolls, which are nicely priced considering they are handmade and have so many amazing details, check out the Etsy Shop. You can even get a custom one made, how cool!



Nice to meet you... Pinselblues

I would love to introducoutou to the Pinselblues dolls. I discovered Marinas creations a couple months ago through flikr and I was really excited to have them featured as part of my Lovely Finds for La Petite Magazine, but somehow got lost on their way...

I just love these one of kind dolls, the embroidered details are precious, the faces are sweet...


I love the colors... The hair... The freckles... So sweet, just perfect!

You can see more of The Pinselblues dolls on Marina's Flikr and you can buy the dolls in her DaWanda shop or perhaps just contact her!

Now I know Miss E's birthday isn't until August, but one of these dolls are first on my list...