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DIY... Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Gift Wrap


DIY... Do You Want To Build A Snowman? Gift Wrap

DIY Snowman Gift Wrap


Celina Bailey




I m sharing a cute and easy

gift wrapping tutorial over at Ebay

. My kids loved doing these and we might just have an army of snowmen under out tree this year!

You might want to check out my other tutorials:


DIY Christmas Ornaments 


Decorating with Pompoms


DIY Surprise Ball

There will be a few more tutorials before the end of the end. I hope you enjoy them, because I've been having a lot of fun making them.




Make it a Pompom Holiday!


Make it a Pompom Holiday!

I haven't shared the news here yet, but I have been woking on creating content and curating some collections and guides over at


. One thing I've been working on is making some tutorials and videos to help you make this holiday season a handmade one. The first one I would like to share with you is my "Decorating with Pompoms" tutorial, you can find everything you need and more details


My kids are absolutely obsessed with making pompoms and so I figured I could let them make as many as they wanted and figure out a fun way to use them. So here are 5 ways you can use Pompoms to decorate this winter. Of course a few of these are great for any time of the year, especially if you change up the yarn and colour. 

Super easy, super simple, super fun!

I'll be sharing more fun ideas over the next few days! Tis the season to get crafting! 


Bringing home: DIY Floral Painted Jeans


Bringing home: DIY Floral Painted Jeans

2 years ago I wrote this little tutorial for

La Petite Magazine Issue 8

. After seeing all the wonderful floral

Small Fry Jeans

popping up on the web this week, I thought maybe it was time to bring home the tutorial and give you all a little refresher on how to make your own Floral Painted Jeans. It's a really simple tutorial, it requires a little patience but the result is quite fun and amazing! 


  • A pair of Pants or Denim or shorts for quicker results!(for best result pre-washed) or sew a pair of Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads
  • Some fabric Paint (I used some neon pink, orange, yellow & green)
  • Paint/ Stencilling brush 
  • Flower Stencil- you could create your own!
  • Cardboard 
  • Iron


- Insert some cardboard inside your pant leg to prevent paint from seeping through.

- Place your flower stencil at your pant hem and work your way up.

 STEP 2:

- Press your stencil down & paint the outside of your flower with some pink then paint the center with some orange and blend into your pink.

- For your next flower, paint the outside with some orange and blend with some pink towards the center.

Depending on your stencil you can add some yellow at the very center.

- Paint you leaves in green.


*** don’t apply too much paint and once in a while wipe down your stencil to remove any excess paint.


- Once you finished painting all the flowers of your stencil, move the stencil over and start over.


- Once you finished one leg, starts all over with the other and then work on the backside. If you want a professional/ store bought effect make sure the patterns on your seams don't match ( see photo above), as well as on your pockets and waistband. ( I was lazy with the back pockets and just kept my stencilling).


*** you don’t have to paint the whole stencil; you can pick and choose the parts of the stencil you like best. Also don't feel the need to paint the entire pants, you can do a more scattered effect for a more modern look.


- Iron… This is the most important step; most fabric paint need to be heat set or else you might loose all your hard work in the wash! 


You can try a monochromatic looks with flowers with same shades of the same color. How lovely would be all in blue? Or black and grey. 

You can use the same technic with different stencils, like a paisley or stars or polka dots for a different pattern. 

look how little Miss E was. Where does the time go? She wore these jeans last summer too, they are her favorite. I might see if they still fit and make them into shorts or bermudas. 

Or I might just have to make a new pair. I am on the

Titchy Threads Small Fry Jean Tour

next friday, so be sure to come back and see what I've made. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 





I have a few announcements today, I promise these are the last for a little while! First are you following me on




? I post a lot of exciting news on there that I sometimes forget to post here. For example did you know I was a contestant in the next Project Run & Play- more on that next week! Today I am sharing some exciting news about


& what will be my first pdf pattern!

I present to you the Ash Jumpsuit. This will be the first Pdf Pattern I will release as part of the

Willow & Co pattern collective

. You can see all the patterns we have been working on


and maybe you can have a guess as to what my second pattern is while you are there. The jumpsuit can be sewn in one piece or 2 and therefore you will have a separate top and pants too. I am so excited about it- I hope you are too. If you are interested in testing the pattern be on the look out for the testing call on my


 page early next week.

 Now you know what is really cool, I happen to use my Ash Jumpsuit for a super cool and exciting project- I got the chance to work with Jess of

The Sewing Rabbit

and co-creator of


 and a few of the 

Sewing Rabbit 2013 team

on an amazing project. We are featured in the very first trend and ideas 

JoAnn's Lookbook

. Check out

Jess' post

to see what everyone has been up to, it's so cool and inspirational.

And what is even cooler,  you can find tutorials for everything in the


. The theme I needed to cover was Dazzling Blue. I just knew I was going to show you all how to dip dye! You can find my


, it's not only good for my Ash Jumpsuit but for anything really- I used it to make that back drop too.

Well how is that for exciting news! It's been so hard keeping secrets and working behind the scenes and it might explain why the blog posting has slowed down the last couple of months, but it doesn't mean I am not working hard on some crazy projects all the time and I seriously LOVE it!  



I MADE: Pyjama and Blanket Set

HELLO! I am super excited to present to you the Pyjama & Blanket set.

It's one of those projects that took me forever to finish, not because it was hard to do, just because things kept coming up and this one got pushed aside. I started it this summer and finally finished it yesterday. I feel terrible, the kids kept on asking me if their blanket was done and I still have to make Miss E's!

I received a package a while back from Rachel of

Handmade Charlotte

with some of her new amazing 


as well as some

Plaid FolkArt Paint

. I and the kids were really excited. They kept on asking me when we were going to use our gracious gift. I finally decided they needed some blankets for our vacation- this was in june! And so we decided we would use all the letters in our set and Mister M really wanted some stars.

With the stencils, we painted an alphabet border. We did most of the letters in black and the ones in Mister M's name in different colors, we broke the letters line up with some blue stars. Mister M helped me with some of the painting, he loved being involved so much.

I used a piece of sweatshirt material I had to make the blanket. I could have left it as is, but I decided to add a colorful border to match the pyjamas I made as well.

With the same stencils I stamped some fabric I had and created some pyjamas. I used mostly the stars and a few M's on the body.

I used the

Banyan T-shirt pattern-

just added some long sleeves. I love all the

Figgy's patterns

- so stylish and fresh. I cannot wait for their new collection.

And I made some

Titchy Threads Fancy Pant Leggings

for the bottoms. I am so excited because I've made plenty of FPL's before, but Laura recently added some bigger sizes to her pattern ( 0-3mths to 10 years old) and I made Mister M his first pair! He loves them. I love them.

The Fancy Pants Leggings are part of the

Sew Fab Bundle pattern sale

that is going on until october 8th. Check it out, 26 pdf patterns for 29$. How cool is that? You can also check out the

Titchy Thread website

for the pattern and some pretty cool skinny jeans are next in line... I can't wait! Laura's pattern are always so professional.

So you need to check out the

Handmade Charlotte Stencils

. They come in sets and are so cool. There are scissors in my set I cannot wait to use- maybe for me this time. I just love creating my own fabric!

The stencil are awesome, lots of great ones for so many fun craft ideas.... by the way they are available at Michaels and online too- check them all out


Sorry for the terrible photos- my camera is wonky again! Hopefully this time they will give me a new one. I hate having a lemon... I rather have a strawberry! hihihi...

Good night!


DIY: cute illustrations for your post, photos or whatever!


DIY: cute illustrations for your post, photos or whatever!

Would you like to learn how to add cute illustrations to your photos? Perhaps to make your blog post shine! Or perhaps and easy way to make Birthday cards or invitations? Do you love cute illustrations and can't even draw stick men? I have the solution for you and the best part is that you don't even have to know how to draw or have illustrator. 

Have you heard of DINGBATS? 

Basically, it functions just like a font but it's something other than a letter or number. You download it like a font and use it like you would any font in any program.

This idea of a post came to me when I helped my friend



edit some photos over the weekend. Let me show you what I did...

You can see the original photo... When I saw that face I just knew what I wanted to do- add some clouds and raindrops. I really didn't have time to draw my own and honestly my drawing skills are let just say not great. So I remembered I had downloaded a cute dingbat / font that would do just the trick. It is called

MTF Sweet Sky

and you can find it


. All I did was type letters A & B for the clouds, then I typed C- a few times for the raindrops and placed them where I wanted. I used photoshop- so I was able to erase a few of the raindrops, but first I had to merge and flatten my text layers to do that. I added a title and that was it. 

You can go and see a few of the images I edited for


on her blog

Sewing Like Mad

. And if you are wondering why I edited her photos, well she is participating in the sewing competition

Project Run & Play

and I offered to help her with her photos. That raincoat and outfit is out of this world cool- you should check it out and if you like what you see vote for her! 

Back to the dingbats. What is great about them is that you can change their size as with fonts. Same goes with their colours. I made a few quick posters to give you some ideas...

You can make the cutest lunch notes. Here I just typed in all the letters of the alphabet form a dingbat font called

Kawai Food

and then added my text on top.

You can create your own posters, use one or two illustrations and place them where you want. Play with the font size. It really is that simple. This dingbat font is called

Toy Cloud


Create greeting cards, birthday invitations, whatever your heart desires! Here you can see that you can use different colours and the variety that comes with every dingbat font you download. Guess what this one is called?

Sweet Halloween

. There are some that aren't so sweet- see


for yourself!

I've used them to make

these necklaces


As well as some shadow puppets. The possibilities are endless.

You can google what you are looking for, for example halloween dingbats, food dingbat, animal or weather dingbats and you will not believe the variety you will find- from cute to sophisticated. The best part is that you can get most of them for free.

Here is a great link for

fun kids dingbats


has some great choices.

I know it's that easy! Let me know if you ever use them. 


DIY Hummingbirds by Jane of Buzzmills


DIY Hummingbirds by Jane of Buzzmills

Today I'd like to introduce you to Jane from 


. I've known Jane for a little while now and I'm constantly in awe of everything she does, from crafting to sewing and cooking. I always feel happy after I've passed by 


, there is something about Jane- maybe her lovely smile or positive vibe, her cute kids surely help too! We always seem to be cheering each on as we take on yet another project and I'm not sure who sewed up more Fancy Pants Legging- hihi!

Needless to say I am so very exited to show you what Jane has planned for us- hummingbirds don't show up in our yard very often, this little craft might just be the next best thing!


Hello, I am thrilled to be here at

Petit a Petit & family,

thanks so much Celina for letting me share your space for the day!  My name is Jane and I blog over at


where you’ll find me making crafts with my kids, sewing, and exploring nature, stop by sometime to say hi!

Celina just recently had an

epiphany of sorts

in which she decided that she would simply blog about things that she loves and in turn she suggested that to her guest posters as well..."Write about something you love."

There are lots of things I love, my


, my children,


, summer








, the


and ocean

...and many more...but one thing that I really love about summer in particular are hummingbirds!


They are simply magical flitting from one flower to the next.  The sound of their wings buzzing as the zoom past you.


Their grace as they change direction mid air.


Every time one zooms into the yard and is noticed there is a whisper and a point from someone, "a hummingbird!" followed by a pause to watch and observe it until it moves on...

Sadly, for some reason, the hummingbirds haven't graced us with their presence this summer.  Perhaps it's because we don't have much


this year (yet) partly because I began to add to the garden a bit late in the season.  Maybe we put out our feeders too late and they had already passed us over (


, if we


have them I would gladly make them

a new feeder

!).  Or maybe it's something else all together...

Whatever it is we miss them.  And it doesn't quite feel like summer without them.

So, we decided if we can't find any hummingbirds we will simply

make some intead



To make

supplies:  thin sheet of balsa wood

, exacto knife, eye screw, wire, dowel, cardstock, glue (I used hot glue) acrylic paints, and a

Hummingbird template

Cut two hummingbird body shapes out of the balsa wood.  Glue together for stability.  Paint your hummingbird as you'd like.


While you are waiting for your bird to dry, carefully drill a hole into one end of your dowel, insert eye screw.  Feed a short length of wire through the eye and twist around on itself.


Once the hummingbird is dry use your exacto knife to cut a small slit in the balsa wood that is slightly down from the top and about in the middle of the body to feed the wings through.  Cut out your wings from the cardstock and feed it through the slit.  Finally, carefully poke the wire between the two balsa pieces near the wings.

And you are done!  Take your hummingbird outside to enjoy your garden...

Hummingbird at feeder

And, because I couldn't stop at just one hummingbird craft...I've got another...


Stop by

my blog to see more details.


Thanks again Celina for asking me here today, it was fun!


DIY: Wrapping Paper


DIY: Wrapping Paper

What do you do when you run out of wrapping paper or simply forget to buy some? We make our own. Actually, we've been making our own since that time I forgot to buy some a couple months ago. 

Since it was a rainy saturday and we were stuck indoors, I though I would take out the watercolors... it's one of those activities that really calm Mister M and Miss E down and we can always use some extra wrapping paper

You can never really go wrong, the younger the kids the better! It always come out so very pretty and who does't love a little kiddie art. I know I would't want to tear mine apart. 

What you need:

- Next time you are at ikea, buy the big roll of paper they sell in the kids craft corner. It's a nice thickness and doesn't tear easily- just perfect for wrapping paper! You'll never run out of wrapping paper now! When we don't have time for watercolors, I just have the kids draw on the paper. 

- Watercolor paint

- Paint brushes

- A little water

What to do:

- Let the kids go crazy- avoid using toooo much water

- Let the paint dry ( it's a pretty quick process )

- Wrap your gift- have fun use satin ribbon or a pompom or leave it as is.

Please be back later... it's my birthday today and I have a little giveaway for you!