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Color by Numbers no.06

Oh I haven't done an installment of Colors By Numbers is ages, I love doing these collages because I end up discovering so many artist, shop, recipes and so much more. And to top it off they inspire me tremendously. Winter has officially started here in Montreal and boy oh boy Mother Nature forgot what the word transition is! It's only mid November and I am already longing for the warm summer months which I guess is why I have been so attracted to these colors. Actually I've been craving these colors for a while and I think it's time I used them together to create something... maybe something a little wintery. I bought some mustardy/ gold wool yesterday and now I need to dig out those knitting needles. Mmmm, maybe a gold, pink and red hat could be fun! I will keep you posted. 

Starting from the upper left corner...

PLUM PRINT - Ana Zaja Petrak makes some lovely illustration of fruits and other things, check out her work HERE.

NUMBER 12 - This awesome and vibrant photo is by Matthias Heiderich. His work is so inspirational, if you are looking to add lines and color to your photography he is definitely one to check. Amazing stuff!!! 

CONFETTI - Get your confetti poppers at Urban Outfitters for the upcoming holidays or just to take some crazy cool photos! Available at Urban Outfitters

BIRD - Nature amazes me! More wonderful birds taken by José Antonio Yee Photography HERE.

DRESS - Celine  is one of my favourite designers. I just love the textures and colors in this outfit from their Summer 2015 Ready To Wear collection. Oh and check out the pompom pants while you are there! 

BEET SALAD - I hear beets are good for fighting depression, I think I be making this all winter long! Recipe HERE

COOL KIDS - I love this photoshoot, cool and sophisticated just my style. I need to make Mister M some plum colors pants! Via an old issue of  Papier Mache Magazine. I actually just bought the latest issue, can't wait to read it! 

ART PRINT - Oh I am loving all the prints in this shop called INALUXE.  So many lovely ones to chose from and perfect to brighten your walls. 

TOP PHOTO - I am a little intrigued by double exposure photos these days and really want to give it a try, I just have no idea where to start! I think I might google it or just keep on staring at all of CHRIS LAWRENCE amazing photos. 

And it just dawned on me that I've already created something with this color palette, check it out HERE. Clearly I am a little obsessed with it! Oh but it won't stop me from using it again and again. 

Happy Wednesday! 



For Me: Fallin'

I've Fallin', fallen in love with the above image. I've been craving some autumn clothes for me, some deep hues and lot's of textures. Maybe it's the shorter days or the constant rain we've been getting. I didn't do too well with my new years resolution of sewing more for myself this year. I did manage to make a yellow outfit in february, a dress this summer and I have a post coming up next month. I guess that is better than last year when I made myself a skirt. I think maybe I needed the right inspiration. I just came across a cropped version of the above image on Pinterest and almost fell of my chair. I LOVE this soooooo much. I wish I had somewhere to go where I could wear a red woolen lace dress with socks and heels and an oversized copper coat. I was immediately drawn to this image, I think a big part was the colors. I pulled the colors out for some extra inspiration. I might try and see if I can find some similar tones in my existing wardrobe or perhaps save it to my phone for the next time I go shopping. I thought that maybe you too could use the inspiration. 

I went looking for the source of the image and came across UNO, a model agency website and got to see the rest of the photoshoot. These were taken with model Marta Dyks for L'Officiel Paris last fall. It's beautifully styled and photographed. I love the oversized silhouettes, the mix of textures such as the plaid and sequins and I have a soft spot for sandals and socks, what can I say! Some pretty great mommy style wouldn't you say? 



Color by Numbers no.5

Are you dreaming of sunsets by the beach? I am! We had a lovely weekend with temperatures above zero and today we have plunged back into winter freezing land. Wasn't mother nature told it was April or is this her playing a joke on us? April Fool's day was yesterday after all!

Seriously, are you looking for some great colors to mix and match this summer- try a mixture of gold and any tone from sand to brown- throw in the mix some coral and peachy pinks and you are set. Oh and look that color grey is back- it's staple this summer something you go add to any color combination and outfit.
Also,  you can't go wrong putting a darker color with it's pastel, it has to be this summers best color combination-  why not dress in coral and pink head to toe and accessorize with some gold. This even works for the boys in your life- now if only Mister M had red hair!!!

Images Source:

- How lovely is that painted wall from Tuscany? For more photos check out Kinky Blue Fairy.

- I am in love with this Nico Nico dress- such a perfect summer dress don't you think? It's available at Darling Clementine.

- Have you seen the Mini & Maximus new collection yet? As cool as always! Sun and surf...

- Love everything New Friends does- it makes be want to build a weaving loom and make wall decorations or baskets for all my friends. This particular one has such nice colors. 

- How gorgeous is this boy- I love his red hair and how well t complements his pink shirt. These photos are from last summers Kidcase collection which I found via Smudgetikka- you might to check this years collection too. 

- This gauze tutu by Atsuyo et Akiko is so much fun- love how bright the pink is and it has some sweet gold ties too. It's available at Couverture and the Garbstore- check this store out, it has an amazing selection. 

- Love love love these wooden bow ties! They are oh so sweet, simple and yet so effective. Great for the whole family!!! All done by Tilda Bel.

- This Max and Lola dress is adorable, the lace overlay is such a nice detail and just makes the dress ever so special. It's available at Little Fashion Gallery- watch out they always have the best selection! 

Hopefully this post will bring some sun our way!!!! 



Color by Numbers ++ special edition ++ Playtime NYC

As you most probably already know, I was in NYC last weekend and one of the main reasons was to attend Playtime, the kids trade show showcasing lots of childrens collections for Fall winter 2013. It was the first time I attended such a show without having the mind set of a buyer- looking in as a visitor/ press was a totally different experience for me and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

I thought of a few ways I could give you some insight as to what I saw, as I was looking at my photos it occurred to me that two main color groups kept showing up- so I figured I would showcase them as such. The idea is really to give you a feel and a mood of what to expect next fall. 

The photo above is the Limited Edition "Catch A Dream" collection by Noé & Zoë. I think it captures well the overall feeling of what's to come for Winter-Fall 2013. You can expect a nice mixture of dark prints with lots of pops of colors mixed with subdued tones. 

As you can see from the collections above, a few colors keep recurring orange, burnt orange and teal add to the mix mustard yellow, indigo and even some khaki. These come up in both the girls and boys collection.

Images from: Noé & Zoë, Atsuyo et Akiko, Tootsa MacgintyJess Brown, Morley, A for Apple, Chat Méchant, Misha Lulu, Nico Nico, Tuchinda, Morley and Patouche.

Little girls will be delighted next fall, all shades of pink kept popping up- from soft pink to deep raspberries and cranberry, mixed with creams and gold. These colors work so well with all shades of grey as well as black.

Images: Little LiefLittle Creative FactoryTocoto Vintage,  MoskiddosMarilyn TovKatheryn DaveyDana HaimTuchinda, Carolina K, Oeuf.

A few things to keep in mind... Stripes, plaids and florals are still going strong- mixing them together is key. In terms of graphics, images of animals adorn t-shirts and sweaters in big and bold manner. A key item in the girls wardrobe has to be the blouse, as for the boys, I'd say it's the blazer.  Lots of sweaters completed the collections as well, these were often made of chunky and the softest yarn. Yes, to sweaters that don't itch!  Comfort ruled with lots of leggings and sweats, of course without compromising style. Although, you might not get it from my photos, red is an other color to look out for, specially for the boys. 

The children's market has grown so much in the last 5 years in such amazing ways, it was so nice to see and meet so many of the designers. I also got to meet up friends, fellow bloggers and store owners. All in all, it is those connections that made this weekend so special. One highlight for me was finally meeting Courtney and Esther from Babyccino- it's funny how we can connect and become friends over the internet and then never really "meet", but then when you do, it's like you've known each other for ever.

I also got to go to ENK, did a little NYC shopping and discovered lots of new lines- the photos above are just the tip of the iceberg, I have lots more to share in the coming weeks... 



Color by Numbers 3

This summer you might want to mix some minty greens and teal together, add a pop of yellow some tangerine and coral while you are at it!
These colors work well together- great for a girls wardrobe and boys too. They make for great bedroom decor as well.
You can even add in some of that grey I talked about last week or keep it crisp and clean with some white.
Don't be afraid to wear the same color in different tones.
All in all the idea is to have fun!

Photo Inspiration:

- The jumpsuit and sun brooches is from this really amazing Australian brand called UDDER. Not only is the clothing cool, the styling and photos are fantastic. There are some really great boy items...

- What a lovely collection of globes- apparently it's growing! Via VEE on Flickr

- Love these little handmade wooden houses. I wouldn't mind a little collection myself! Via Old New Again.

- There's something about this photo... besides the amazing colors and composition. I can't tell if it's a boy or girl, is he/she swimming or perhaps a gymnast? So many questions! By 唯以 via Flickr 

- I love the illustration, pattern and colors here too. By にじゆら via Sumally (I can't quite understand who or what it is excatly!)

- How cute are the gingham pillows with different colored pompoms? By Morning Dove Studios.

- Finally I can't find the source to this wonderful Circus Sign photo. The best I could find is that it came from here.

I hope this puts a little sunshine and spring mood to your day- I am counting down the days to April!



Color by Numbers 2

If you thought stripes were so last year- think again! Stripes are still going strong and a hot trend for kids clothing this summer. Horizontal or vertical, thin or thick, stitched or painted, which ever way you like them wear them.

Not sure about black and grey as a summer color- what are you talking about? Black and all shades of grey are key colors for your kids wardrobe this summer- or any time of the year really. You'll have no problem finding items in this color scheme for your little ones, I promise.

Here are the links to the inspiring images...

The cool kid in the striped t-shirt is from Quirky Collective- check their shop and blog, it's one my favorites.

The young girl in the stripe tank top is photographed by Laura Burlton and part of a lovely project called Chalk Dreams- a must see and so is the rest of her portfolio.

Everything has beauty- sure does! via Michael Ryan.

DIY how to cut your toddlers bangs- I have got to try this technic. Photo by Sherman/Three Lions/Getty Images circa 1950's, source via BBC.

Striped long sleeve t-shirt with pleated collar- Miss E is the lucky owner of this Cos t-shirt. It's even prettier on!

Lovely Striped photo by Alexey Menshchikov- you must see this portofolio, it's all about shade and shadows, lines and patterns. Simply awesome! 



Color By Numbers no.1

If you follow me on my Tumblr- Least Little Thing, then maybe you have noticed I like to color coordinate my posts and create a mood. Here's a little secret, out of everything I do on the world wide web Tumblr is my favorite- I feel like it's my most creative platform and truly represents me and what goes on in my head. Since I love it so much, I thought it would be nice to bring some of it to Petit a Petit- a collage of image that inspire and make me happy.

Today, the photo of May Xiong's sister has gotten me mezmerized- i just love everything about it starting with the colors, the stare, the beauty.
Oh and that green! How perfect when matched with a lighter green, coral, yellow and indigo- don't you find? A perfect color combination for this summers wardrobe or a kids bedroom. 

-images source-
The vintage cloud chair is by Yrjö Kukkapuro via Varpunen.
The flower and Butterfly illustration is by Montreal artist Olivia Mew.
The green cupboard via Soderbergagentur.
The applique house skirt is by Mini Boden ( past season).
The embroidered illutration is by Jazmin Berakhah.