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If I buy only one thing for MissE this year, I think it might be the tunic you see in the photo above. I've fallen head over heels for it's circular silhouette, simplicity and awesomeness.  You will have to keep an eye out for this new collection created by Seattle designer Reina Acab for her kidswear ligne même. Don't you love it when design, function and form come together so beautifully. The clothing line is created with kids in mind - lots of room for extra comfort to play in and to grow with. What is also great is that it is gender neutral, great for passing down to little bros and sis alike and all the future generations. I really love the black and white "color" palette and the very japanese feel to the styles. To top it off, 10% off the sales goes to a non-profit organisation called Art With Heart which works at helping kids get over adversity by using art. 

Check out more of the Spring-Summer Catalogue HERE and check out their online shop HERE ( it's full of really cute baby stuff at the moment). 


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Mom + Me.... Marysia Swim

I think I am longing for the warm summer months and they can't seem to be coming quick enough! Today might be the coldest day of the year and so I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about some beautiful swimsuits! I have got to keep finding ways to keep my soul happy. I am so happy I discovered the wonderful world of Gray Benko Photography, her photos are full of life and color and happy moments and the bonus part is that I got to discover some amazing swimwear by Marysia Swim through Gray's website.

These are probably not new to many of you, as it seems all the stars are wearing them and they have made the pages of most major fashion magazines. I must be living in a hole or maybe just in a world where winter last way too long and swimsuit season way too short! I just love the simplicity and quirky details as well as the choice of prints is fab too and I am loving the muted tones. You will find a great variety for the women's collections ranging from bikinis to tees and coveralls. The children's swimsuits are reversible which makes it extra fun. 

Have a look at their website for more details and I'll keep dreaming... 

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I Sew... MINI HUDSON blog tour

I present to you the Mini Hudson Pants, a pattern by Kelli at True Bias

I am excited to be part of the blog tour for this newly released sweatpant pdf pattern. I've been eyeing the woman's pattern for while and was presently surprised to be invited on the tour for the mini version. This is a simple pattern, perfect a beginner project in my opinion. The pattern has notches to guide you, the explanations are clear and concise. As for the styling,  it has a fun detail at the pockets, cuffed hem and an elasticized waist. According to the measurement chart MisterM was a perfect 7 and so that is the size I made. I was worried it might be too wide in the hips, but I was wrong. The fit is spot on. I love the skinny leg and roomy hips, perfect for comfort and style all in one. The only modification I made was to widened the cuff at the hem since my fabric had zero stretch ( which is not recommended!) in it and was worried MisterM wouldn't get his foot in. It ended up being just like I wanted. Next time, there will be many next times, I will make them longer. I should have really checked the inseam measurements, I think MisterM might have his moms long legs. They fit perfectly now, but for how long?

I also made MisterM a sweatshirt, it's self drafted. I used some stretch terry I had in my stash, an upscycled navy t-shirt and that famous ponte stripe I love so much.  The sweatpants are made with a fleece fabric I got over year ago at my local fabric shop, it's off white with grey slub yarns in it. The grey and white stripe is a ponte knit I also got last winter, maybe you remember it from the hot shorts I made MissE for my California look on Project Run & Play. 

To complete the outfit I made a Wintercroft cardboard mask which I purchased the template here. I am in love and now want to make the entire collection of masks available. It took me a few hours to cut and assemble but the mask came together beautifully.

Mister M and I had a lot of fun with this photoshoot, so I will let you enjoy it! In case you were wondering we shot this in the evening, no flash was used only a 150 watt light bulb from a desk lamp and overhead incandescent lamps. 

My amazingly talented and good friend Mie from Sewing Like Mad is showcasing a girl version of the Mini Hudson pants today and I can tell you they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G maybe even a little very shiny! Check it out and tell her I say hi!

Be sure to check out all the other participants on the tour:
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Friday January 9th - Skirt As Top | Delia Creates

and to purchase the Mini Hudson pattern it's THIS WAY
Thank you so much for having me be part of the tour Kelli. I can't wait to see what other patterns you'll be concocting, I am excited for the future! 



What We Wear... Summer Edition

Sometimes being the kids of a blogger turns out unexpectedly extra fun! I think my kids end up trying new things and doing random things we would have probably never done as "regular" kids. One of those things are photoshoots and trust me they don't always go as planned or very smoothly. As the kids get older, it gets easier, but I think this time it was more fun for many reasons:
- i got the kids involved and we made funny necklaces with peppers.
- i let them run around and be crazy ( most of my photos came out blurry).
- i shot some videos and for some reason my kids don't mind shooting videos. Expect a mini movie real soon.
- they knew a nice treat was on it's way. 

I was supposed to post before I left for vacation but I had lost the photos and thankfully found them again this week. So here is a little peak at what we've been wearing this summer and will continue to wear into the fall...

We LOVE our Wolf & Rita tunic from Ladida ( check it out it's 70% off), it couldn't be more fitting for MissE as I like to call her "felfel hara" which means hot pepper in arabic.  

The biker shorts are from Joe Fresh, the sandals Zara and the Upcycled Men's blazer made by me.

MisterM is wearing a super soft tunic top from Neige provided by Ladida,  some La Miniatura bermudas I got from Haute Look and a Scotch Shrunk cardigan, shoes from H&M

Be assured the peppers got eaten too, the kids were more excited for those than the ice cream! 

I received both tunics courtesy of Ladida and love them to pieces- so be sure to check out Ladida's new fall lookbook it will have you dreaming and wishing it was fall already. Seriously, they have a great selection of designer and a really nicely curated shop with the best selection out there. 



Little Handbury

Let's hear it for the boys!!! Anybody else have a hard time shopping for boys? I have to say things have improved in the last couple of years but I still find it hard to find the right balance between fashionable and wearable!

LITTLE HANBURY is an online shop dedicated to boys age 2 to 10 and it's beautifully curated.  I've put together some of my favourite pieces together here for you but you will want to have a look for yourself. 

It's fashionable and ever so wearable. It has that right balance I was talking about. Some of my favourite designers stocked in the same shop. The selection is just perfect-  I could buy every single piece. Oh and trust me I am picky and even pickier about my boy stuff.

Your one stop shopping for boys right this way...




Hello! I am sharing my latest kidswear designer crush today! It's a combination of so many good things, classic and cool- just perfect. I present you WOLF&RITA.

I think the images speak for themselves but let me dwelve a little! First what and who is WOLF&RITA? W&R is a lovely collection of children's clothing for boys and girls, their speciality are shirts but they have expanded since their first collection to include dresses, skirt and pants. They believe in high quality fabrics and only the best craftsmanship which they outsource in their local community in Portugual. 
I absolutely love the simplicity of their designs and the touch of added whimsy. The little details are scrumptious. The fabric choice is delightful, I love the prints as well as the colors. It's refreshing and how great that are able to combine classic styles with the latest trends. SWEET. 

And what can I say, I LOVE their photos too. 
All around just perfect wouldn't you say? Simple yet sophisticated, fresh and lovely. 
You can see entire collection on the WOLF&RITA website. And if you are in the US check out Ladida, they have a nice selection in their shop. 

So are you all as excited as me for the spring? 



NICE TO MEET YOU... Omami Mini

I just discovered Omami Mini, an awesome brand of clothing for your little ones based out of Los Angeles. Think minimal and comfortable and ever so stylish. Think easy, fun and effortless. Everything you need for a cool and casual look but that can easily be dressed up. Great for boy and girls alike.

I love the simple color palette: ivory, grey, navy and mint. The little details and fun silhouettes are awesome. The asymmetrical fly and pleated pants are sweat. Who doesn't love a sweatshirt dress? And faux fur is a must in every winter wardrobe if you ask me! Lastly, the graphics are simple yet fun. 
Everything is made and sourced in the US- which is always an added bonus. 
I also had the privilege of seeing the spring collections and it is  just as sweet and playful!

So do you agree with me, I would like every piece in every color, pretty please!

Check out the Omami Mini online shop  HERE and enjoy 20% off for the next 2 weeks on all orders with PETIT20 code- how nice is that? Happy Shopping!!! 



I HEART: Cabbages and Kings

I am sucker for knits and when they are this sumptuous... what can I say! Cabbages & Kings sure knows how to combine colors and patterns to give your kids the coolest scarfs & leg warmers. 

Cabbages & Kings is base out of NYC and all of the accessories are handmade by Peruvian artisans which all work with a network that helps strengthen the capacities of local and base communities. So well designed, beautifully handcrafted and ethical! Let's not forget super soft and hypoallergenic. Awesome!

As always, Alexa did a great job at designing the Fall 2013 collection. It's great that it is unisex, perfect for boys and girls.  I am loving the grey and yellow scarf and oatmeal leg warmers, oh wait the baby blue and red patterned scarf is pretty cool too! Perfect accessories for layering on those cold days ahead.
Are you getting ready for winter? Bring it on! ok, not just yet...

Check out the collection on their website, you can shop there too!




Oh it's starting to get cold around here and before you know it the street will be covered in snow. The one thing my kids don't have currently in their wardrobe are snowsuits. And I am kinda really loving the new MINI RODINI Explorer collection.

These are not only adorable but super high tech- I mean waterproof, special padding, taped seams. Just what we need for our cold and wet climate. You can read all about it here.

Don't worry, they don't only have one piece suits, the collection comprises of Parkas, trousers and mittens as well. While you are there check out heir fall collection, everything is so cool, I particularly love all their prints. 



Le Carrousel- a love affair!

Le Carrousel can never do wrong in my eyes. I LOVE, always have loved and hopefully will always love this french little brand. Marie-Laure, the creator knows how to pick her fabrics, details and silhouettes. With every passing season I am amazed at the collections she puts together, so simple yet so sophisticated and chic. Clothing kids can look good in and still play in. Is there a better combination? 

And don't get me started with the photography! These were taken by on of my all time favourite's Claude Blaser. Soft and dreamy... 

It is all just perfection! I think I'll let the images do the talking: Le Carrousel Fall- Winter 2013. 

Nope it's not a dream... find the collection HERE very soon! I can hardly wait!!!



I heart: Joe Fresh + JCP

I am not sure if you know this, but cooking and I don't go hand in hand! I don't particularly enjoy it and actually have very little imagination when it comes to making meals! And so grocery shopping happens to fall in the same category- except that at our grocery store we have a clothing section where they sell JOE FRESH, and well it makes grocery shopping for me wayyyy more fun!!!
Joe Fresh is a Canadian company that makes some really cute, fashionable kids clothes and for the whole family actually, at a really reasonable price. Until now the Kids collection was only available in Canada and a few select store across the U.S. Here is the good news, you can now get  Joe Fresh at JCPenney and what's even better is that they ship world wide.
 As much as I love the little indie designers I usually talk about, I can't always afford to buy my kid's entire wardrobe with those designs. So, I love to balance out their wardrobes with my handmade clothes and some less expensive brands. And Joe Fresh really is my favorite! They do a great job at designing those must have fashionista items as well as creating those perfect basics, their selection of dressy items is quite lovely too. They do a great job at finding great prints for their fabrics. My little MissE lives in their jeggings and tunic tops. I can never go grocery shopping without buying her a little something. Sometimes it's just a cute accessory. It's a good thing my husband does most of our food shopping or we would have more clothes than food if it was left only to me!!!

The boys is stuff is great too. A little fashionable but not outrageous, just perfect. They always have a great selections of colors for their pants, tees and sweatshirts. They always have awesome shirts and sweaters. A little something casual and chic as well.  I buy Mister M a lot of shoes there too!
I think Joe Fresh offers a great selection of items perfect for school, the kind of clothes you aren't worried about if it gets played in and all the while look stylish too! And how awesome is it that it is available through JCPenney now? I love that!
I'm so excited for all of you! Happy back to school shopping!!!




MILLER  is one of these children's clothing labels you just can't help but love. Is it the simple styles with sophisticated details? Or perhaps the lovely prints and amazing color combinations? Or simply the lush fabrics? Well,  it's no wonder they were accorded the Junior Award for best emerging talent!

This London based company only offers the best, in design, quality and craftsmanship. It's all in the details, from pin tucks to pleats, as well as lots of volume in the dresses and skirt. And how sophisticated are the boys styles? I really do love it all. Let's not forget the impeccable styling and fresh photo-shoots.

In honour of their Junior Magazine award Elias & Grace is hosting a contest on their facebook page (you have until the 28th) where you can win a £500 shopping spree- check it out, I just entered!

In case you don't know Elias & Grace, I highly recommend you check out this online shop- it is simply lovely. They carry all the brands you love and of course Miller which happens to be their own label. I guarantee you will fall in love with their outfits and it's a real fun shopping experience. Also, their summer sale has started- hurry things go quickly!
Happy Shopping!