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Coup de Coeur no.18

... Print by Marc Johns ...
... There isn't an illustration, print or art work I don't LOVE in his shop ...
... This one is dedicated to my Little Miss E...
... If she believes she might find a cookie, I know she will reach a little further ...



This and That... oranges anyone?

oranges by Joaolive

So as you might already know Bobo Choses has come out with their new collection- Petit Grocery by Jean Gustave. And if you've been reading this blog for a while now, you probably already know how fond I am of Bobo Choses. However, I must say this is probably one of my favorite collections yet.

It doesn't help that Miss E has a slight obssesion with oranges, clementines and tangerines. So you know what that means, I am going to have to get her at least one piece from this collection. But then the lemons, tomatoes and milk bottles are jsut as cute. Help!!! I can't seem to choose... maybe that's a good thing!

And as you've all probably seen these images a thousand time- I thought it would be fun to pair the Bobo Choses collection with some art, illustrations and prints by various artists... A little bit of This and That!

The pear print is by Enzo Mari and entilled La Pera. It is a reprint of his original work dating back to the 1963, a classic. I just love the simplicity of the drawing and it looks really amazing anywhere in the house. Same goes for this sweatshirt, I would hand it on my walls!

This tomato is by Happy Tree Press, it's a print of a paper collage and can be found here. Do your kids like tomatoes- I have a hard time getting mine to eat them! Unless it's ketchup. Just Loving this all over tomatoe print- it comes in a romper and cute shirt as well. Too much goodness in one collection, I tell you.

 This all over lemon print is by Elliot Jones, cute in the kitchen or in a kids room. And  don't you love this wide cut tee? Even for the boys, it works so well.

This simple print of an orange is by Pumpkin and Butterfly. And this photo of  Bobo Choses reminds me so much of Miss E- it could totally be her twin sister! It's a sign... I must buy the entire collection!!!

Who knew tomatoes could be soooo cool? The print is by Sarah Jane Draws- I love the overlapping tomotoes or do you say tomathoes?

 Un citron is by Christie McGraphics, there are few more cute fruits to choose from in this Etsy shop.

What can I say Bobo Choses really outdid themselves this season with simple and comfortable designs and the most adorable prints. The collection is composed of all the essentiel summer pieces and to complete the look their accessories and home goods are just as amazing. So, I highly recommend you check out their website.

P.S. if you shop on Loja Dada, you are entered to win the super cute lemon tote, but hurry the offer won't last forever!



Nice to meet you... Andrea Kang

I "met" Andrea Kang through Tumblr, I'm not quite sure how I landed on her Tumblr (I think she might have found mine first) but I instantly enjoyed it, every bit of it! So, naturally I looked a little further and discovered her website, Andrea isn't just a blogger, she is an illustrator, an artist, a product designer and toy maker... Everything she creates is delightful.


Here are a few of her toys...


And a few of her illustrations...

And some of her gallery work...

I had such a hard time choosing my favorites and there is so much more to discover on her website...

You should follow her on Tumblr too... I do!

Know if only she had an online store... Hint hint :)



Nice to meet you: ASHLEY G and DREW

I just love discovering new artists, specially illustrators and painters, perhaps because it's te art form I have the hardest time with myself. I have no imagination nor skills in that departement, illustration is the subject matter I had to work the hardest at in fashion design school! 

I have to say I should take more time to check out the sources of what I like on Pinterest. That is just what I did this time and discovered that one of my favorite "pinners" Ashley Goldberg was behind the creative duo Ashley G and Drew.  I am just loving their illustrations, I like the simplicity, the style and the colors... Oh! and the expression on those little faces. PERFECT!

Miss E's room is going to need some re-decorating soon and I would just love to add any one of these prints to one of her walls. Also, If I had a studio/ workshop space, the first print up top would hang there for sure... I can't wait to teach Miss E to knit! SWEET.

There were so many great illustrations to choose from, so to see more of Ashley G and Drew's work check out their  website, or perhaps to buy some prints, orginal artwork, postcards, +++ check out their Etsy shop