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DIY: Winter Wonderland

This month's DIY craft project for the Cricut Designer challenge is Home Holiday Decor & Gifts. My teams theme is a Sparkly Holiday and so I give you the Personalized Winter Wonderland Mobile/ Advent Calendar.  Anybody got a catchier name for it? So not only does it make the kids room pretty for the holiday season ahead but it also makes 24 lovely gifts to discover. 

I made this one to hang over for MissE's bed. Someone was a little jealous, so now I have to make something for MisterM too, I predict a new post in the future. 

I used 3 different size embroidery hoops for the main structure and some nylon transparent thread and a small hook on the ceiling to mount the mobile. It was a little tricky to get all three hoops parallel, as you can see. 

First up I made some boxes in shapes of mountains and houses. A total of 6 mountains of different sizes, let's not forget the snowy tops and 4 houses in 2 sizes.I created these templates and still have to tweak them a little, but shoot me an email if you would like them. The wonderful thing about the  Cricut machine is that it does all the cutting and scoring for you, all is left for you to do is fold and glue. I also made 3 icicles from the Mini Eco Gems template.  
If you are making the Advent calander version, don't forget to fill the boxes with small gifts. Also, these are fun to make small villages and sceneries to play with as well. 

Next I tried the newest feature of the Cricut Explore machine: Print & Cut. I created these bubbles/ ornaments in illustrator and added the woodland animals on top. I got the illustrations from Vector Stock for 1$. I then uploaded my drawings to the Cricut Design Space™ website which instructed me step by step to print from my printer and then cut in the machine. The program adds a bleed to your image and cuts all around your image. No more jagged edges! The Cricut has many print and cut images to choose from if you don't want to design your own. 

The other side of my ornaments were plain white, so with a little modge podge I glitterized them for a little holiday sparkle. 

I also made some 3-D stars- to stuff them with more small presents. I used the cake topper project already available on the Cricut  site and added some more glitter to a few of the stars.

To make this project extra special I personalized it with MissE's name. I downloaded the 3-D letter font called Punched Out and create my templates by retracing my letters in Illustrator. You can download the font here for free. The letters were by far the hardest thing to do.

 Finally, no winter is complete without snowflakes and since every snowflake is unique there are no two the same in my set. There are a few snowflake templates available on Cricut for you to download already.

There you have it.... a Personalized Winter Wonderland Mobile/ Advent Calendar. I have to say I am quite proud of my little project, especially for someone who isn't all that crafty! You should come check out my IG to see the mobile in action, it's so pretty and sparkly.

Here you have a view from on top and a view from below.

I was inspired but this advent calendar and this paper craft to make my mobile, I hope this inspires you a little too. 

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Disclosure | This post includes affiliate links and  I did receive a Cricut machine for free and may receive prizes in exchange for my winning projects. Even though I am not directly compensated for these posts, I am under consideration for a prize with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own. Wish me luck!



My Virtual Advent Calendar... 3 Days to go!

3 Days to go... oh my! I hope I finish my knitting on time...

Today's selection is a felted mushroom from Muskhane. It stands 11 cm tall and is environmentally friendly. It's handmade and ready to play with or just a real cute decorative item... don't you think?

Find this yummy mushroom for 6,50 euros at Yume, an great little online store.



My Virtual Advent Calendar... 5 Days to go!

5 Days to go... It's really starting to smell like christmas!!!

Today I give you thaumatropes (I hope I spelled that right!) by illustrator Chloe EhningerThis simple game will keep your kids busy for days! I wish I could see these paper optical illusion toys in action... as the card flips around you see the bear play dress up. There's nothing like good old-school fun! 

Find these on the Kickcan & Conkers shop for €4.50. 



My Virtual Advent Calendar... 6 Days to go!

6 Days to go and counting...

I'm loving todays selection! Once again it's one of those gift perfect for re-gifting....

Have you seen the

Japanese paper balloons

? They come in a variety of color and shapes, are so much fun and make cutest room decorations ( get some



However, todays paper balloons from


, are not your traditional ones... these you can write, draw, squiggle or doodle and make it your own or keep them white, just because! How perfect is that? Give me 20 please...



My Virtual Advent Calendar... 7 Days to go!

7 Days to go! This time next week the kids will be over the moon with all their new gifts or super disappointed Santa didn't bring them what they had hoped for! Oh well! How could they be disappointed with these...

Todays selection is from Niddle Noddle, they have a nice little selection of stocking stuffers on their site and I just loved these clay whistle birds, and the paper accordion and the windmill and and and...

Hope you are all enjoying your sunday! I am! I got to sleep inn and then chill with my little family... What's better than that?



My Virtual Advent Calendar... 8 Days to go!

8 Days to go!

I have a thing for designer toys, wood toys and blind boxes, so when you put all 3 together... I'm ecstatic!!!

Perhaps you already know the work of NOFERIN, they've made wooden toys (Jibibuts) and plushes (Pecanpals) for a little while now. How cute are these little wooden Jibibuts? They come in a blind box, so you can try and collect all 12 of them + 2 extra special ones... good luck! 12$ each.

You can find these at the most awesome online store Magic Pony, they have a great selection of designer toys and random cool stuff as well... If you are in the Toronto area, you'll want to stop buy the boutique for some great shopping!



My Virtual Calendar... 9 Days to go!

9 Days to go... we're in the single digits, OMG!!!

Are your kids sticker crazy? Mine are! You must check out these really adorable stickers from Catherine Campbell, seriously I would steal a few from Miss E and stick them on my agenda! She also has a cute set for the boys. LOVE, Love, luv!

Happy friday! Come back tomorrow for more gift ideas...



My Virtual Calendar... 11 Days to go!

11 Days to go... more than half way there! Yippie!!!

Oh How I love Paris! Paris is like a second home to me, or at least it used to be before I got married! Some of my most memorable Christmas' where spent with my family in Paris... I hope to be able to experience it with my kids and hubby one day, soon! 

In the mean time, we can bring Paris into our homes and what better way than to acquire a few things from MikoDesign. The designs are fresh, simple, gorgeous and all handmade. Now I know Mister M would love this "tourne" Eiffel, as he likes to call it. And for Miss E? I'll let you discover all the wonders this Etsy shop has to offer. Seriously, check out the DIY kits...



My Virtual Calendar... 12 Days to go!

12 Days... oh so close!!!

Have you seen these yet? They are story books, however the illustrator is your little ones... These awesome books come in French and English, for boys or girls. The titles are really intriguing, so I can just imagine how much fun the stories must be! 

Once again, these make fun activities for the kids and are perfect for re-gifting...

You can find on many sites....

If you are in France, you'll find them at

Happy to see you.

If you are in Great Britain, you'll find them at


If you are in CANADA, get yours (French & english versions available) at





My Virtual Calendar... 13 Days to go!

13 days....

I love today's selection...
I already own a large duffle bag from Dumpling Dynasty, and I adore the sweet illustrations from this company. They offer a variety of tin box sets with some fun things in them! For Miss E, i would get the Pigtail Kit, and for Mister M I would get the Writing or Stamp kit, he's dying to write words these days...

Now you can get these kits on sale for 8 pounds over at Molly-Meg, one of the coolest online kids shop... while you're there check out their vintage selection and other amazing gift ideas.